Vivek Oberoi in song from Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Movie Stills
Vivek Oberoi in song from Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Movie Stills

After a huge sabbatical and taking time out to re- build his shattered self confidence, Vivek was back on board with the ambitious Prince that did not weave the magic wand around him. It was Kurbaan that got him huge critical acclaim but post that, Vivek Oberoi was a vanquished hero. The victor was soon turning out to be a ‘bhagora’ until he came back stronger with his latest ‘Kismet Love Paisa Dilli’! Now with a tring of films up in his array, Vivek is mighty pleased with the way his career is shaping up.

On a heavy promotional tour for his comeback of sorts, Vivek spoke to us and gave us a brief insight to what KLPD has in store for us! Excerpts from the laugh-riot entretien!

There have always been a lot of controversies surrounding you and then we suddenly saw you vanishing from the Bollywood arena. When you returned with Prince and Kurbaan and the films did not work, what was going on in your mind?
I always say and I will keep saying that I am a fighter. It is God who writes your destiny and no one else can mar it for you. Yes, Prince did not work but a lot of kind critics like you have praised my work in Kurbaan. And coming to this break, I actually opted for it, not because I wasn’t getting work. You won’t believe that in 12 months, I went for twelve honeymoons with my wife (Laughs). We went to Bali, Monte Carlo, Switzerland, Singapore, Sri Lanka and even the Lakshwadeep for holidays. We were really enjoying ourselves and in the mean while I was also busy reading scripts. I just knew that when I decide to come back, I need to do that with a bang. And look at me now, I have nine films l;ined up one after the other now.

Finally you are coming back and doing a film almost after a span of two years. Are you excited or nervous?
Not at all! I am rather very excited to see how the audience reacts to a film like ‘KLPD’ which is absolutely so refreshing and new. It is not like the typical masala films. And I am very much hopeful that this film will be loved by one and all.

Kismet Love Paisa Dilli is a quirky film, more of a roller coaster joyride where you essay the role of 25 year old Lucky Duggal. Was it challenging to slip into the role of Lucky?
It was extremely challenging because this guy is like a Delhi boy who is very naughty and tries to rip every pretty girl he sees. He has a typical Delhi accent and the Delhi style of talking, moving and using the language of the city. For that, I had to go and hangout with a lot of Delhi University students, hostels, understanding how they refer to women how and what they talk about girls. I had to learn all their words and the way they speak. I didn’t even know what a ‘gajab tota’ meant. I picked all of it up and use that in the film.

The trailer of the film is quite a buzz and then you have the songs like ‘Dhishkyaon’ and ‘Don’t Fuff my Mind’ rocking the charts. How does it make you feel?
Yes, absolutely, I think the songs are really nice and I am very very excited because the songs are by this very talented duo Nadeem-Amjad.  They are two talented guys who approached me sometime back and when I heard their music, I was completely blown off my minds. I really wanted to support their talent and I got them ‘Zila Ghaziabad’ and ‘KLPD’ and they are doing it pretty well. Its for them that the film’s music is doing wonders.

There are a lot of comparisons drawn with Delhi Belly and ‘Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local. Your take on that.
Not really, the films are totally different from each other. ‘Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local’ was based in Bombay and was a serious film. But ‘KLPD’ is based in Delhi and it’s a mad film. With Delhi characters, the film is a total laugh riot. KLPD is a comic thriller, with edge of the seat excitement and has got a lot more colourful characters. Delhi is a lot more colourful with a lot more crazy people in the city.

Vivek Oberoi and Mallika Sherawat in song from Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Movie Stills
Vivek Oberoi and Mallika Sherawat in song from Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli Movie Stills

You have Mallika as your costar for the first time. So how were your off screen relations with her?
She is a really cool chick man! I had a lot of fun working with her. She is completely bindaas, if she clicks with you, then she likes you and if she doesn’t click, then she doesn’t give a damn about you. I had a good time having her as a co-star and we got along really well. Our chemistry is good, both on screen and off it. We a re like a house on fire but she is a major fattu. I keep pulling her legs. She is very darpook and gets very very scared of ghosts and spirits. On 67 nights, we were shooting. So every time I got a break, I used to tell her ghost stories and she would say, ‘Please! Stop it! Main bhaag jaungi, main maar jaungi!’ (Laughs) But she is an icon for sensuality, an icon for desire. To get someone like her to play this girl next door, a Delhi guy’s fantasy turned out tobe lot more fun.

Reports suggest that you are even doing a stripping scene in the film. Is that true?
Ya, unfortunately it is true. (Laughs out loud) I am up for total madness in this movie. But I am doing a full monty because I am not that comfortable with stripping yet, but it is close to a full monty. There is a mad scene where my character almost gets raped!

What according to you then is ‘KLPD’s USP?
Well, it has got everything. It is a mad laugh riot kind of a rom-com and has got the essential elements of a thriller. Within the first ten minutes of the film, it hooks you, grips you and your are gripped to it completely. It is a kind of film that can totally suck you in! It is very today, very bold, it is a film for Youngistaan. It is a film for the badmaash, of the badmaash, by the badmaash and it has a lot of badmaashi in it. That’s the USP!

And after this, you have ‘Krissh 3’ which is hugely anticipated. How excited are you about playing the super villain, a feat that is a first of its kind in Hindi cinema?
I am extremely excited about it because it’s a role of a lifetime. By the way, we know a lot of superheroes, so it is time to see a super villain now!

Post Krissh 3 what is keeping you busy?
I have quite a few films in my kitty now. I have Jayantabhai ki Love Story, Sher, Zila Ghaziabad, Grand Masti and I am signing a whole bunch of films now!

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