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Music Director/s: Amaal Mallik

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Sonakshi Sinha is all set to entertain us with her clumsy reporter act in her upcoming film Noor. From the film’s trailer, one can see that the film has all things fresh and has a youthful vibe. Hitting out at the millennials, the film also stars popular face from the web, Kannan Gill in his first ever Bollywood film.

Considering the whole vibe of the film, one is expecting Noor‘s music to be high on teen appeal too. The music has been composed by Amaal Mallik, a young gun himself.

Noor Music Review | This Album Is Strictly Average
Noor Music Review | This Album Is Strictly Average

Here’s a look at Noor’s music album:

1. Uff Yeh Noor – Noor Music Review

Title track of Noor is a peppy number composed by Amaal and sung by Armaan Mallik. There’s an easy breezy vibe to this number that in spite of its limited novelty, appeals to the ears. Uff Yeh Noor is one of those songs that you may not deliberately play but if you happen to hear it on the radio, it will make you groove to it. The strumming is absolutely delightful and has some kind of a mood lifting quality. Why it may not become your favorite track is the fact that the lyrics are situational. The track is all about Noor’s characteristics and hence not one you connect to lyrically.

2. Gulabi 2.0 – Noor Music Review

Popular track Gulabi Aankhein has been revamped in this album. Rap and EDM are the hottest musical trends currently and that’s exactly the kind of treatment, Gulabi 2.0 gives. Tulsi Kumar, Amaal Mallik and Yash Narvekar have crooned the party track. It borrows heavily from International tracks, yet is expected to become a sensation. The music is foot-tapping and will find a good audience at clubs.

Gulaabi 2.0 has another redux version which hardly has anything different to offer and seems like an unnecessary addition. Yash Narvekar gets to croon more portions in this version but it doesn’t really stand out much.

3. Jise Kehte Pyaar Hai – Noor Music Review

Sukriti Kakar’s Jise Kehte Pyaar Hai is a regular love ballad that we find in most Bollywood films. I felt that it bears similarities with ‘Sau Aasmaan’ from Baar Baar Dekho, they bring in a similar flavor. I could not particularly find anything brilliant about it. The song does not rise above a certain level and hence doesn’t appeal exceptionally.

4. Hai Zaroori – Noor Music Review

A somber number, Hai Zaroori is well sung by Prakriti Kakar. The slow-paced track has its heart in the right place and with the emotional lyrics by Manoj Munstashir, it leaves a lasting impact. Also, the musical arrangements, compliment the lyrics well, what with the use of piano and guitar.

Last Word – Noor Music Review

Noor’s soundtrack is strictly average. Gulabi 2.0 and Hai Zaroori are my picks from the album. Amaal Mallik fails to deliver a album that is exceptional, the petite album seems ordinary. A 2.5/5 for this!

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