B.E. Rojgaar Review
B.E. Rojgaar Review ( Photo Credit – B.E. Rojgaar Poster )

B.E. Rojgaar Review: Star Rating:


Cast: Saie Tamhankar, Sambhaji Sasane, Jagdish Kannam, Prakash Patil, Mohan Agashe, Sarang Sathaye, and ensemble.

Creator: Bharatiya Digital Party (Bha Di Pa).

Director: Sarang Sathaye

Streaming On: YouTube.

Language: Marathi (with subtitles).

Runtime: 6 Episodes Around 40 Minutes Each.

B.E. Rojgaar Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From B.E. Rojgaar )

B.E. Rojgaar Review: What’s It About:

A group of 3 friends all engineers is navigating life in Pune City as they try to make ends meet. With no jobs and severe unemployment striking everywhere they decide to find different sources of earning money. After many failed attempts and their battles with life, a ray of hope shines but demands rigorous hard work. Will this threesome succeed? Watch the show.

B.E. Rojgaar Review: What Works:

The idea of friendships and what happens around them has thousands of versions to it. We are mostly fed the flowery side and not often let to venture into the raw and unfiltered side of it that makes us see ourselves on the screen. Thanks to the new wave creators, stories are getting personal and there is no hesitation to go niche. Emerges BhaDiPa, a digital creator wing that has finally given the Marathi audience a substantial platform to see themselves or someone like them.

B.E. Rojgaar, a show with a title made of a very interesting wordplay, is a niche, personal, and moreover beyond the fear of whether the world will understand it or not. And that is what works the most here. While the landscape is a place that has hardly made it to the cinema in its authentic raw structure, the language of the show is universal. Three friends who are facing the hardships life has to offer and decide to rise above it. A very serious thought of how unemployment-ridden youth is struggling to have the desired life and what even the smallest ray of hope does to them served in a very simplistic manner in which you and I can consume it without feeling the weight.

Story by Sarang Sathaye & Saurabh Shamraj with the latter credited for the screenplay and dialogues as well, the world is simple and lived in. There isn’t a formal structure that leads to a certain point, but it is the normal life of three mid-twenties folks, and you are thrown bang in the middle of one of their days. One is finding a job, another is trying to save his, and the third is an almost hopeless man with dreams to win the moon but has gest to not even draw it. The writing is so three-dimensional and crisp that it does understand there are only 6 episodes and they need to say all the important things in them. Even with limited exposure to each of the three’s personal lives, you know their battles and you understand where they come from.

With his USP humour and sarcasm, Sathaye blends his commentary as Shamraj supports him with his deep-rooted dialogues. Like there is an acknowledgement of poverty, the gender supremacy, the struggles of being a girl born in a poor family, the gest of a boy born in a marginalised community trying to crack a job interview at Google, or a boy just trying to make it big in life so he is the most influential man in his village. And nothing out of this is rubbed on your face but is weaved in the surrounding. No one tells you Akshay played by Jagdish is a boy from a marginalised community. It is a blink-and-miss camera pan that shows a picture of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and that is enough. I enjoy it when creators respect their viewers and leave something for them to decode.

But the soul of the show lies in the bond its three leading characters share. Through thick and thin they survive and it is fun to see the camaraderie and comfort they share. It took the makers 6 years to make this a reality and everything looks how well researched it is.

DOP Aditya Divekar manages to show an unfiltered world of his muses and skilfully focuses on things you must see around them so the creators don’t actually have to say it out loud. Be it the worn-out clothes they wear, or the lack of amenities around them, it all adds up to the viewing experience. His camera celebrates being in the Heartland of Maharashtra and it does capture it in its true essence. The Music only elevates everything and Ankush Boradkar’s title track is catchy.

B.E. Rojgaar Review: Star Performance:

Saie Tamhankar can move mountains when she decides and is hell bent. The actor only excels as she plays Piyu. Every note perfect and every movement in control, she plays a girl who has survived in a world dominated by men and ruled by them. Even with the world crashing around her, she is ready to be a product for barter but is also strong enough to resist it. Seeing such complex female characters is such a blessing, and Tamhankar only makes it better.

Sambhaji Sasane is the second best here and the actor is so good. There is no moment he is acting for the camera. He is living this character and believes in every bit of the hopelessness it reflects. He goes through a transformation and it is fun to see it. He indeed makes it all look effortless and that is all that matters.

Jagdish Kannam skilfully joins these two. The most subtle of the three, he is the core of their threesome. The actor is natural and represents many around us. He is anxiety, he is afraid to take a leap but is also the talent and underestimates himself. Isn’t that many of us? Jagdish impresses in that part.

B.E. Rojgaar Review: What Doesn’t Work:

I wish the makers world have introduced one montage or a flashback scene to tell us how these three became friends in the first place. It is not everyday we see such unique friendships where a girl so blindly trusts two guys and they lead such a beautiful story. Maybe it can be a spin-off, maybe a short film. Credit me for the idea if you decide to make it someday!

B.E. Rojgaar Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From B.E. Rojgaar )

B.E. Rojgaar Review: Last Words:

Marathi creators taking the leap to reach an audience far and wide without diluting their narrative and being deep rooted in their culture is exactly what was needed. This is the original content and representation we deserve. Watch B.E. Rojgaar regardless of the language, the emotions are strong and universal.


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