90s kids had a different routine altogether. Our mornings began with Doraemon, and nights ended with Oswald, in fact, did we even mind the repeated episodes? Plus we had various options, starting from Shinchan (which most families would restrict their kids from) to Make Way For Noddy, and the all-time favourite Tom & Jerry.


From making our ways through the television screens for Noddy every morning to chanting the mantra to reach the Dragon world – reminisce the 5 cartoons that only we, 90s kids got the opportunity to be blessed with:

Remember Making Way For Noddy & Chanting The Dragon Tales? 5 Cartoons That Only 90s Kids Will Relate To!
Remember Making Way For Noddy & Chanting The Dragon Tales? 5 Cartoon Shows That Only 90s Kids Will Relate To!

Make Way For Noddy:

With an altogether different zeal, Noddy made entry into our days with his plane and there we go singing, “Agaya Noddy, Noddy..” We believed the sun doesn’t rise until we heard a rooster crowing every morning (even though that never happened in real life) to bagpipes really making a magical appearance in our real lives – such was the innocence. And when our parent would ask us to switch TVs, there we went chanting Noddy’s habit of repeating words – “mai dekhunga, dekhunga, dekhunga” (you could add moving your head back and forth with that cute bell to imagination.)

Dragon Tales:

Who else wished to have a dragon scale and randomly disappear to a land of dragons in the absence of our parents? Wouldn’t deny trying the “Mai Chahu, mai chahu…” mantra in real life either. It was indeed a relief watching the two worlds combining, as we watched Max and Emmy roam around the entire Dragon Land sitting on the back of our favourite dragons.



There’d be a sparkle in our eyes every time we saw that baby laughing amid the sun rising up with that mesmerising music in the background. ‘Over the heels, far away.. that’s when the Teletubbies would come to play. With the usual counting of the 4 cuties coming out of their den to eventually witnessing them going back to their zone when the sun would set, that was a different phase altogether. Personally, I would always wish for my favourite Po Frolic (the one in red) to disappear at last, did that happen with you too?

Baby Looney Tunes:

Well, if I were smart enough, my perfect punch for a comeback would be ‘jitne me hai chote, nahi kisi se bhi kam.’ From Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester to Bugs Bunny and the sweety Tweety – it’s difficult to choose our favourite today. Wonder which granny would be able to handle today’s kids though! My favourite was Bugs Bunny, which was yours?


All we thought that was needed to be strong within a second was spinach. Yes, that’s what we learnt from Popeye. We saw a pinch of romance with Olive and fighting all the odds, especially Bluto with just a box of spinach (and the pipe wouldn’t fall even when he’d open his mouth to eat the goddamn thing). You realise the level of innocence now, don’t you?

For me, it was indeed worthy. Not shying away from accepting the fact that cartoon these days are nothing but sh*t. Boo ya to all today’s kids who might have all the resources, but y’all missed out on the best.

Yes, I know I didn’t mention Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo!, Johnny Bravo, The Powerpuff Girls but aren’t those the classics we’d always remember?

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