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Vishwaroop 2


Cast: Kamal Haasan, Waheeda Rehman, Anant Mahadevan

Writer/Director: Kamal Haasan

Release Date: 2013


vishwaroop 2 Review

Vishwaroop 2 Movie Review Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (One and a half stars)

Star Cast: Kamal Haasan, Rahul Bose, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, Jaideep Ahlawat, Shekhar Kapur

Director: Kamal Haasan

Vishwaroop 2 Movie Review: Not A Bad Film, Just Listed Under The Wrong Genre
Vishwaroop 2 Movie Review: Not A Bad Film, Just Listed Under The Wrong Genre

What’s Good: Unintentional humour is present throughout the film, it requires a special talent to make you laugh regardless of whether the scene is emotional, action or romantic, leaving sarcasm apart – there are very neatly choreographed action sequences at places but they get overshadowed by the tedious story-line.

What’s Bad: The fact that people have millions to invest on a product which clearly isn’t worth it, also after a brilliant part 1 I didn’t see this coming.

Loo Break: I was bound not to take one because I had to review this but please you don’t be under any such obligation. Take as many breaks as you want.

Watch or Not?: Even if you’ve seen part 1, don’t go for its open ending to know what happens next because whatever happened it’ll just break the sweet respect attached with the prequel.

User Rating:

The story starts with some major flashback scenes from part 1 to connect the current story. Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri (Kamal Haasan) is seen flying with his two hotties Nirupama (Pooja Kumar), Ashmita (Andrea Jeremiah) and senior Colonel Jagannath (Shekhar Kapur). After dismantling Omar’s (Rahul Bose) nuclear bomb in New York, the team now flies to India having a detour from UK to avert another mission.

In a flashback sequence on plane, we see how Ashmita trained under Wisam during her military days and how it could’ve been a love story. The movie isn’t properly a sequel because it has many flashback scenes as it acts as a prequel and sequel to Vishwaroop. Some unrevealed facts get uncovered about Wisam’s involvement with Omar and the Al Qaeda team and how he planned Omar’s arrest. Omar hits back & this time in India. Wisam tries to counter his attack and defuse his bombs before the timer runs out.

Vishwaroop 2 Movie Review: Not A Bad Film, Just Listed Under The Wrong Genre
Vishwaroop 2 Movie Review: Not A Bad Film, Just Listed Under The Wrong Genre

Vishwaroop 2 Movie Review: Script Analysis

Just to clarify, I get a lot of hate messages for unabashedly bashing movies with harsh words. Please note, I don’t bash stars or even the process of the movie, I just make sure not a single common man wastes their hard earned money on movies we get to watch for free. Vishwaroop 2 is just like the process of jumping from a plane in a hope that parachute will open but it doesn’t. You’ll see great views while you jump but you know what’s the end result. Only if the story could’ve been as interesting as part 1!

Hassan’s obsession with static slo-mo scenes continues with this one. A super long first half of 1 hour 30 minutes, horrible story connect, forcedly added songs & mother-son angle, tacky usage of green screens; Vishwaroop 2 has many things going against its favour. A very well choreographed underwater fight scene, a hand to hand combat sequence without any background music; these are few pluses I was able to note down. Indeed a sad end to a franchise I had high hopes from.

Vishwaroop 2 Movie Review: Star Performance

Kamal Haasan continues a similar act from part 1. 40% of Vishwaroop 2 was shot while the team was shooting for part 1 & it’s evident from the scenes. For a man aged 63 years, Kamal Haasan is an inspiration for everyone out there. But here he gets burdened under the tag of director, producer and writer. He’s good in action scenes but falls a bit short in the emotional ones.

Pooja Kumar improves drastically from part 1. She hammed a lot in the prequel but here she performs well. Andrea Jeremiah was as good as part 1, she looked as hot as ever. Rahul Bose is hardly there minus the lousy climax. His character gets wasted when he was such an important part of the prequel. Jaideep Ahlawat is just about decent as he was in the part 1. Waheeda Rehman is wasted.

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