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Second Marriage Dot Com

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Cast: Mohit Chauhan,Vishal Nayak,Charu Rahtogi,Sayani Gupta

Director: Gaurav Panjwani

Producer: Vinod Mehta

Writer/Screenplay: Dinkar Sharma

Plot: The film kicks off when Akshay, young IT professional from Delhi; only child of a single parent Suneel Narang embarks on a journey to get his father, a widower; married so to finally put an end to his prolonged loneliness. Co-incidentally in Jaipur, a vibrant young girl Poonam is on the same hunt to find a partner for her mother, Shoma; whom she’s seen as a divorcee since childhood. They get in touch with each other through a matrimonial website named ‘’ and after initial denial of the idea by their parents they finally sail through and get they married.

Poonam and Shoma then join Akshay and Suneel into a new adequate flat in Gurgaon and a distinguished family scenario arises for the four, filled with a new cook hailing from a rustic background, Bihaari and a north-eastern maid Flower. Suneel and Shoma are not at ease with each other to start with but gradually spark of romance start to fly off. Poonam and Akshay who’d become good friends from the word go and who themselves are lonely souls with bitter memories; are happy to discover a feeling which always eluded them – the joy of a family. But, little does anyone know the course of destiny and upheaval which it is to bring to their family and which shall germinate from the seed of love!

It’s when Poonam and Akshay find themselves in love with each other after a night of irrepressible emotions which result into an inconceivable event; that the happiness of the four goes for a toss. The story takes sharp turns and explore dark zones of the human psyche before the characters finally square up for an unaccustomed but fairly logical solution to their situation.

second marriage dot com Review

Rating: 2/5 stars (Two stars)

Second Marriage Dot Com Movie Review (Second Marriage Dot Com Movie Poster)
Second Marriage Dot Com Movie Poster

Star Cast: Mohit Chauhan, Sayani Gupta, Charu Rohatgi, Vishal Nayak, Nikita More and Manjeet Tiger

What’s Good: The script and screenplay in the first half; some performances; the songs.

What’s Bad: The awkward climax; some forced diversions in the story.

Loo Break: A couple in the second half.

Watch or Not: If you want to, watch it for the well done build up in the first half.


Worried about their single parents growing old alone, Akshay Narang (Vishal Nayak) and Poonam Upadhyay (Sayani Gupta) sign up their respective parents on a matrimony website. Initially hesitant, widower Suneel (Mohit Chauhan) and divorcee Shoma (Charu Rohatgi) agree to get married.

After the wedding, the four of them move in together. The children try their best to get their parents get over their awkwardness. When Suneel and Shoma finally warm up to each other, Akshay and Poonam also end up in bed together! So Akshay tries to get Poonam to talk to him about it, but she does everything to avoid him and even agrees for a hasty arranged marriage.

Frustrated with the situation, Akshay moves in with his friend and Poonam’s ex-boyfriend asks for her hand in marriage. At the same time, there’s the quiet love story brewing in the background of the family cook Bihari (Manjeet Tiger) and the maid, Flower (Nikita More).

How in the world do these complicated love stories turn out?

Mohit Chauhan and Sayani Gupta (Second Marriage Dot Com Movie Stills)
Mohit Chauhan and Sayani Gupta (Second Marriage Dot Com Movie Stills)

Second Marriage Dot Com Review: Script Analysis

Gaurav Panjwani and Dinkar Sharma’s story is nice, but a few parts of it seem to be included just for the drama. The story of the ex-girlfriend and boyfriend are just too convenient. The initial discomfort between Suneel and Shoma – at home and in bed – is very well written.

The romance between Bihari and Flower is cute, but you do feel that there’s something missing in their story. The climax, with both the men injured, seems contrived.

Second Marriage Dot Com Review: Star Performances

Sayani Gupta is excellent as Poonam and handles all the emotions very nicely. Vishal Nayak is alright as Akshay, but his character is also not quite well developed. Mohit Chauhan is very good as Suneel while Charu Rohatgi is just as nice as his other half Shoma. Manjeet Tiger performs well as Bihari but Nikita More is not up to the mark as Flower.

Second Marriage Dot Com Review: Direction, Music & Editing

Gaurav Panjwani’s direction is good in the first half but needs a lot to be desired in the first half. It’s a bit irritating to see shots being repeated in the song sequences. Yogesh Sharma’s cinematography is just okay. Gaurav’s editing is alright. Aditya Agarwal and Manan Munjal’s music is really nice.

Second Marriage Dot Com Review: The Last Word

Second Marriage Dot Com is interesting to watch in the first half but gets a bit convoluted towards the end.

Second Marriage Dot Com Trailer

Second Marriage Dot Com releases on 10th August 2012.

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