Qarib Qarib Singlle

qarib qarib singlle Plot
Qarib Qarib Singlle

Release Date:

Cast: Irrfan Khan, Parvathy

Writer/Director: Tanuja Chandra

Producer/s: Sutapa Sikdar, Shailja Kejriwal, Ajay G Rai


qarib qarib singlle Review

Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Review Rating: 4/5 Stars (Four stars)

Star Cast: Irrfan Khan, Parvathy

Director: Tanuja Chandra

Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Review
Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Review

What’s Good: Bringing back the vintage love to life, Irrfan Khan’s laughs & Parvathy’s charm!

What’s Bad: Not a single second of the film can be termed even as average.

Loo Break: They will make you laugh your guts out but control your pee till interval!

Watch or Not?: Loved Piku? Hindi Medium? Watch this one to relive those moments again!

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As the title of the film suggest this story is about two beautiful souls who are Qarib Qarib Singlle! Yogi (Irrfan Khan) and Jaya (Parvathy) both meet through a dating website. Both are extremely opposite, but as they say opposite attracts. While booming up the business of coffee shops, Yogi decides to take Parvathy for a special trip – a trip visiting three of his ex-girlfriends.

Exploring places like Dehradun, Rishikesh, Alwar, and Gangtok – this Qarib Qarib Singlle couple goes through a rollercoaster of laughs, madness and emotions. Getting introduced to each other’s good and bad habits they make us understand life is all about imperfections. Departing us to a beautiful destination, the film ends on a delightful note.

Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Review
Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Review

Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Review: Script Analysis

Kamna Chandra – the salient hero of this film, woman who has written movies like 1942: A Love Story & Chandni picks up her pen for Qarib Qarib Singlle. It’s the story that makes or breaks a film and that’s why Qarib Qarib Singlle is one of the most beautiful films seen in recent times.

When was the last time when you saw a film which is remembered purely for its story? A story which does not has your usual item numbers, your larger than life heroism but simply charms you with its simplicity? Qarib Qarib Singlle is that film.

Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Review: Star Performance

With his first dialogue Irrfan proves why he’s someone who can acts even when he’s not doing anything. With every film he’s carving a memorable niche for himself. He plays the role of a poet who makes you read some of the most heart-pleasing lines of his life.

Parvathy is a charmer! She enacts her role so well, sometimes you forget you’re watching someone in a film. Kamna has sketched her role keeping it closest to the reality. She reflects every emotion making it relatable. This is her Bollywood debut and we already want to see her again.

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