Laila Majnu

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Laila Majnu

Release Date:

Cast: Tripti Dimri, Mir Sarwar, Avinash Tiwary

Writer/Director: Sajid Ali

Producer/s: Ekta Kapoor, Preety Ali


laila majnu Review

Laila Majnu Movie Review Rating: 4/5 Stars (Four stars)

Star Cast: Avinash Tiwary, Tripti Dimri, Parmeet Sethi, Benjamin Gilani, Sumit Kaul

Director: Sajid Ali

Laila Majnu Movie Review
Laila Majnu Movie Review: You Need Your Heart At The Right Place To Love This!

What’s Good: The madness called as Avinash Tiwary, songs speak louder than dialogues, Imtiaz Ali’s writing & a fact that love is such a vast ground to explore – Imtiaz always finds a new corner presenting it in a beautiful way!

What’s Bad: You don’t need to be normal to understand this film, you need to evoke your inner lunatic and many people will find it hard to do the same, that’s bad! Yes, there are few loopholes & flaws but the insane 2nd half is a cure for everything.

Loo Break: This is such a movie, you’ll either watch it or don’t & if you watch it you’ll not need a loo break because you’ll get in knowing what to expect.

Watch or Not?: Please do not watch it because I’ve rated high, watch it only if you can connect to whatever I mention in the review. This isn’t for normal people!

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The movie starts on a very awkward sequence where the guys in Kashmir stalk Laila (Tripti Dimri). Introduced as a girl who has a reputation of dude-magnet in the city, Laila is quirky & wants to live her life at the fullest. Enters Qais Butt (Avinash Tiwary), son of the rival of Laila’s father & a charmer.

He, too, stalks Laila and believes he has a story pre-written with her. This belief of his turns so strong so he manages to charm Laila in it. But, both of their fathers are enemies & fighting over a land-grabbing case. As we know this is Laila Majnu story retold, it carries forward with many heartbreaking moments & a brilliant music album.

Laila Majnu Movie Review
Laila Majnu Movie Review: You Need Your Heart At The Right Place To Love This!

Laila Majnu Movie Review: Script Analysis

So, I met Imtiaz Ali in the interval of the film & told him how this is ‘Rockstar Ka Tamasha’. Among-st many others, he told me one thing “I’ve made Laila Majnu for its 2nd half, see and let me know.” Once I got back in the 2nd half, I knew something special is coming & it came. It came & broke my already broken heart into pieces. The story is similar to the epic of Laila Majnu but the way it’s been treated is special. It has Imtiaz Ali moments & in abundance!

The world behind that hill, our story is already written, the process of waiting for Laila – this is all only Imtiaz Ali can serve justice too. Somewhere, there are flaws and loopholes in the film but the intent behind it is so pure, the performances are so powerful & the second half is so heart-wrenching, there’ll be nothing to complain about once you’re out of the film. Imtiaz Ali once said in an interview that he needed mad & crazy people to make such film, I would say he needs the similar level of mad & crazy people to watch, understand, feel, swallow & love this.

Laila Majnu Movie Review: Star Performance

Avinash Tiwary – WHAT A PERFORMANCE! It needed the equal amount of insanity to perform Majnu what it took Imtiaz to write that character. Tiwary lives up to each single stance of Imtiaz’s Majnu & he delivers an outstanding performance. He has so much emotions to express, it’s hard to believe this was his first feature film. He had certain shades of Ranbir Kapoor; it’s not easy to have them and still manage to act in your original way. He held back the film from turning out to be a caricature in the second half.

Tripti Dimri, too, has managed portray a Laila who is full of diverse emotions. Be it looking beautiful or laughing in the midst of delivering a very angry dialogue, she has nailed every department. There couldn’t have been a better Laila than her for the film. Parmeet Sethi is just about good though his character gets pretty monotonous after a point.

Special mention for Sumit Kaul, he has done a good job as the annoying Ibban. He has captured the Kashmiri accent quite well which goes in his favour. Benjamin Gilani is there just for the couple of scenes and is decent.

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