Koi Saath Hai

koi saath hai Plot
Koi Saath Hai

Release Date:

Cast: Priya Tiwari, Neet Mahal, Rajesh Dubey and Asma Syed

Writer/Director: Mahavir Shringi

Producer/s: Mahavir Shringi


koi saath hai Review

Koi Sath Hai Movie Review Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Mahaveer Shringi, Rajesh Dubeay, Neet Mahal, Sikandar Chauhan, Pratik Asnani, Yash Gaur, Paramjit Singh

Director: Mahavir Shringi

What’s Good: It doesn’t fall from B to C tier of horror flicks fading the lines between a feature film and soft po*n.

What’s Bad: Average performances prove to be a roadblock or else we’ve seen enough of such horror films passing by with everything average.

Loo Break: Depends on whether you’ll watch it!

Watch or Not?: Make no mistake of taking this as a “it’s so bad that it’s good” film

User Rating:

After a group of friends have a party of singing rap songs, they decide to go to a farmhouse for a vacation. Unfortunately, they fail to find any vehicles to drop them there, so they decide to take a lift from an ambulance. Driver agrees to pick them up only if they can adjust with the dead body he’s carrying.

They somehow reach the resort (because, why not?) and decide to spend the night there. When friends get together in a resort room, what do they choose to do? Do some ghost-hunting! Because, why not? Now, of course, will or won’t they mess it up getting someone killed? If you know the answer to this question, you know what you’ve to do!

Koi Sath Hai Movie Review: Script Analysis

Director Mahaveer Shringi has penned the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film which surprisingly have very less connection with each other. Because the story is horror at its heart, the screenplay falls into comical space, and the dialogues (also because of the poor dialogue delivery) outshines gibberish.

Jai P Mishra’s editing could’ve been better. Many scenes lack continuity which results in loss of impact. Anas Ali Khan’s cinematography never matches the spooks which are demanded by this genre. There are not any camera tricks to showcase any jump scare.

Koi Sath Hai Movie Review: Star Performance

The acting department is a plethora of below-average performances. I tried really hard to like at least one of the actors, despite keeping expectations to a bare minimum, none of them did even a close to a decent job.

The actress playing Anjali has the meatiest scenes when it comes to displaying the acting chops, but there’s not a single instance in which she excels.

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