India’s Most Wanted

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India’s Most Wanted

Release Date:

Cast: Arjun Kapoor

Writer/Director: Rajkumar Gupta

Plot:India’s Most Wanted will feature Arjun Kapoor portraying an Intelligence Officer. The movie is inspired by true events and is about a secret mission of finding and arresting a terrorist, in which no bullets were fired.

indias most wanted Review

India’s Most Wanted Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and a half stars)

Star Cast: Arjun Kapoor, Rajesh Sharma, Jitendra Shastri, Pravin Singh Sisodia, Aasif Khan, Devendra Mishra and Prasanth Philip Alexander

Director: Raj Kumar Gupta

India's Most Wanted Movie Review: The Thrill Fizzes Out Very Frequently!
India’s Most Wanted Movie Review: The Thrill Fizzes Out Very Frequently!

What’s Good: The limited thrills, Subtle supporting performances which get very limited screen presence

What’s Bad: Screenplay which moves at a snail’s speed despite being just a little over 120 minutes, sub-plots that have no connection with the main event happening & a couple of poorly placed songs

Loo Break: A rare thriller which demands one!

Watch or Not?: Skip the theatrical watch, wait for its digital/television premiere

User Rating:

It all starts with people having fun at a hotel, with a soothing song playing in the background and a sudden blast. In the next scene, we see the character played by Rajendra Gupta sarcastically firing shots at his team for letting all these blasts happening over the country. Enters Rajesh Singh (Rajesh Sharma) who is a boss to one ‘pagal’ (mad) undercover agent Prabhat (Arjun Kapoor). Prabhat gets a lead to a terrorist, Yusuf (Sudev Nair), who’s unabashedly based on Yasin Bhatkal, and termed as India’s Most Wanted.

Prabhat wants to capture Yusuf but the Indian government isn’t ready to help him with anything. After a brilliantly written scene, Prabhat and team contribute their own few bucks to accomplish this mission. As they reach Nepal, where apparently Yusuf is, they meet an informant (Jitendra Shastri) who helps them to undercover some truths. The story is all about this mission and how in the ‘allowed’ 4 days, Prabhat has to catch his bad guy.

India’s Most Wanted Movie Review
India’s Most Wanted Movie Review: The Thrill Fizzes Our Very Frequently!

India’s Most Wanted Movie Review: Script Analysis

Doesn’t the plot sound good? Because it is good and hence it looks good on-screen. The problem lies with the narration and far-fetched editing. A lot of things are happening just to create suspense which is never even there. Climax holds the key and you’re fatigued on reaching there. The movie has ‘many’ sequences which give you a feel of ‘all this for nothing?’.

The simplicity of four men apart from Arjun Kapoor stands out because it has a surprise factor to it. But, they’re underutilised throughout the film as the main guy Arjun does everything. We get the point they’re finding a dreaded terrorist, but the development never carries forward the narration and is stuck at the same point for a very long time. The ‘wow’ factor from Gupta’s previous films like Aamir, No One Killed Jessica and Raid is missing.

India’s Most Wanted Movie Review: Star Performance

Arjun Kapoor does a reasonable job to make us believe his intentions throughout the film. He speaks in Bihari accent at some places, rest of them is “Hey, I’m Arjun Kapoor.” The innocence of his character goes well with his eyes-up-to-the-sky look, but it’s not enough to keep us glued.

Jitendra Shastri, for me, is the hero of the film. His notable idiosyncrasies make his character remarkable. He’s a brilliant actor and has proved his worth in Rajma Chawal & Tripling Season 2. Rajesh Sharma has not much to do and he does that effortlessly. Rest of Arjun’s team goes as unnoticed as Indian team went in 2007 against England with Yuvraj Singh’s Six Sixes.

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