Hawaa Hawaai

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Hawaa Hawaai

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Cast: Saqib Saleem, Partho Gupte

Wrier/Director/Producer: Amole Gupte

Plot: Hawaa Hawaa is a story of the triumph of the human spirit; friendship and enjoying the journey of making one’s dream come true.

Arjun (Partho Gupte) moves to the big city along with his mother and little sister. Out there he discovers a hidden world of in-line skating through coach Lucky, who mentors kids to become skating champions. While Arjun starts nursing the dream to learn skating under Lucky (Saqib Saleem), his four friends get together to make this dream come true for him. In this endearing story of hope and aspirations, will Arjun’s dreams take flight?

hawaa hawaai Review
Hawaa Hawaai Movie Poster
Hawaa Hawaai Movie Poster

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three And Half stars)

Star cast: Saqib Saleem, Partho Gupte

Director: Amole Gupte

What’s Good: Probably the most innocent film that has been made since Stanley Ka Dabba, this one is brimming with hope and optimism. The fascinatingly well done casting is an aide as each character is wonderful.

What’s Bad: A hard-to-believe climax doesn’t quite fit in with reality but Gupte’s attempt to make this an appeasing outing for the younger section of his cine goers.

Loo break: None.

Watch or Not?: Hawaa Hawaai is an intensely positive film that would turn even cynics propitious. It is not frequent that one would fall for a story like this which has little novelty. What persuades is that it comes with a big heart and a pristine soul. Amol Gupte tells this story with his conspicuously piercing, asking multiple unanswered questions and devising a masterly win for the underdog. If there’s one film that must be watched without fail, this without doubts stands as the best bet.

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Arjun is young boy who works at a run-down roadside restaurant for wages. Washing utensils and cleaning is in his daily menu for work, but the child harbors within himself the unmatchable potential of skating.

It takes the young child, Aniket Bhargava’s coaching to further his potential and enroll him to contest at the state level skating championship. It isn’t hard to figure out whether our little hero succeeds at this but the journey to it is inspiring, filling the worst of cynics into optimists by the time credits flow down.

Saqib Saleem and Partho Gupte in a still from movie 'Hawaa Hawaai'
Saqib Saleem and Partho Gupte in a still from movie ‘Hawaa Hawaai’

Hawaa Hawaai Review: Script Analysis

Hawaa Hawaai picks up from the grim note where Stanley Ka Dabba had ended. Quite like the earlier, it is a simple story which has a message beyond the comprehension of the young audiences it is catering to. Once we enter adulthood, the plethora of problems faced by a child becomes nearly non-existent to us. Not only there is a tendency to belittle them with a rude passiveness, we even shun kids when they approach with problems. However, in its penultimate layer, the story latently asks bigger questions about how society categorically and systematically alienates rich kids from poor kids. For instance, the most common reaction would be anger. This is how children of the lower factions of society probably don’t even earn the license to deserve respect. The film’s prime protagonist couldn’t have from a more humble background and he brings out with charm the aspirations of his likes focusing on the persistent blind eye the society turns towards them.

But at its core, it is a simple story about a child’s journey to realize his dreams. Though the climax might seem a very ‘filmy’ one, probably that fits this movie better than anything else could have. Glee and mirth are the two constant emotions when it comes to this film. When the film is introduced with a young kid toiling his way through heat and bearing it all despite his eyes drooping, one will be compelled to look around themselves and wonder how many similar kids have they encountered.

Yet, this child has a fascinating talent which his emphatic coach polishes and brings out to the world. In the moments when the coach stands mesmerized by the kid, Gupte probably emphasizes on the symbiotic relationship between a teacher and student without making it seem preachy. The script is so well leveled that the priggish tone is kept at bay and whatever is conveyed is done subtly.

Hawaa Hawaai Review: Star Performances

Partho Gupte, like his last stint is almost perfect for the part. He is resilient, tender and yet shows shades of vulnerability. The child somehow got perfectly into the skin of the character almost to make you believe that this is his life story. For a child of that young age, probably a better compliment cannot be framed.

Saqib Saleem’s versatility caught me more than anything else. The actor who became labelled as unstoppable after appearing in Karan Johar’s Bombay Talkies film owns his part with a caliber beyond excellence. The actor’s tenacity in portrayal is one of the most enthusiastic one in recent times.

Arjun (Partho)’s gang of friends are exceptional exhibiting the right emotion at every cue and making the camaraderie between them absorbing much.

Hawaa Hawaai Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Amole Gupte has the virtuoso in him to tell stories that are a class apart. There is simplicity in his storytelling and his films are lovingly done. I particularly liked the story’s persuasive vein and woven seamlessly an array of brilliantly conceived scenes which in its first look tells the story of an underdog but the layers appear with multiple connotations about things that must be asked.

The scene where the children are looking in the garbage to find material to make skates for Arjun is one of the many powerful scenes that will choke you up. The kids even push down their priorities to accommodate Arjun’s need.

The cinematography is beautiful and syncs well with the narrative but it is the soothing background score and the music that makes the film an experience even more enlivening.

Hawaa Hawaai Review: The Last Word

Hawaa Hawaai runs the risk of being compared to Gupte’s previous works but as a standalone it is without doubt one of the most brilliant works of recent times. Subtle and empowering with delectable performances of Saqib & Partho adding power to the film, here’s one ultimately satisfying movie that will win you over with its bittersweet and spirited work. I am going with a 3.5/5 recommending that you don’t miss this one.

Hawaa Hawaai Trailer

Hawaa Hawaai releases on 9th May, 2014.

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