Hate Story 3

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Hate Story 3
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Cast: Sharman Joshi, Zarine Khan, Daisy Shah, Karan Singh Grover

Director: Vishal Pandya

Producer: Bhushan Kumar


hate story 3 Review
Hate Story 3 movie poster
Hate Story 3 movie poster

Rating: 1/5 Stars (One star)

Star Cast: Sharman Joshi, Zarine Khan, Daisy Shah, Karan Singh Grover

Director: Vishal Pandya

What’s Good: I’ll have to scratch my head hard for that. Nothing seems to be working for the film. The music is good but a bad placement ruins it.

What’s Bad: That’s easy! Cliched revenge drama with little suspense. Overdramatic performances of the complete cast.

Loo break: Sip.Sip & Keep Sipping On Soda Till You Have To Pee!

Watch or Not?: Outrightly not! There are better revenge stories in Bollywood. You don’t need to color your memory with bad bed scenes (Oops! Censor has a problem with Bed too) watching this film.

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Aditya Diwan ( Sharman Joshi) is a successful businessman now married to Sia (Zareen Khan) who was once his late elder brother Vikram’s fiancé.

Everything is merry in Aditya’s la la land until Sourav Singhania makes an unchartered entry. Sourav asks Aditya to allow him to spend a night with Sia and in exchange ask for whatever he wants. Naturally, angered by such a proposal, Aditya refuses to co-operate.

Hence, starts Sourav’s vicious game. He starts by targeting Aditya’s business and ties him up in legal issues. Frustration grips over Aditya as he cannot decipher Sourav’s motive in doing so.

Aditya sends his loyal colleague Kayra (Daisy Shah) to spy over Sourav but things turn ugly when double-crossing gets involved.

What is Sourav’s motive in harming Aditya and Sia is what essentially the movie is about.

Daisy Shah, Sharman Joshi, Karan Singh Grover and Zarine Khan in a still from 'Hate Story 3' movie poster
Daisy Shah, Sharman Joshi, Karan Singh Grover and Zarine Khan in a still from ‘Hate Story 3’ movie poster

Hate Story 3 Review: Script Analysis

Hate Story is now a franchise and this is the third installment. Little has changed, there is love, hate and lots of sex in this one. Touted to be an erotic thriller, the film has little to thrill you. Any person who has been following a decent amount of cinema, can tell in the first half itself as to what the so called suspense about Karan Singh Grover’s character is. Objectifying women to be mere pawns in the hands of men, Daisy and Zareen’s characters have nothing but to indulge in unnecessary skin show in the film. There is obvious stereotyping such as showing a corrupt politician who changes sides at the last moment. Dialogues are so caricaturish and old that you feel like you’re watching an 80s Bollywood film.

To add to all this, the censor board of India, giving the film an A certificate, beeps the words such as ‘Sambhog’ and changes it to ‘Milan’ but the use of F*ck remains unharmed. I don’t see the point of beeping ‘Sambhog’ but showing it quite exquisitely in the film.

Daisy’s character is supposed to be a talented secretary who climbs the corporate ladder with her wit but unfortunately this has to mentioned in a dialogue because by her provocative dressing, one would have definitely thought otherwise.

Clearly, the writers were high on some Bollywood throwback, hence the age old practices of blackmail, accidents and attempted murders.

Hate Story 3 Review: Star Performances

Sharman Joshi is about to lose the already handful of fan following he has with this film. This is by far his worst film and no it’s not because of the bold content, it is because he is hamming poorly in the film.

Karan Singh Grover was last seen in Alone and he seems to be the ghost this time in Hate Story 3. The actor is seen appearing and disappearing in scenes with such greatness that I was convinced when in one scene after he opens his eyes with a loud background score that he was a ghost. Twitching his face weirdly, he does not show more than two expressions in the film.

Zareen Khan acts as though she is going to get an Oscar nomination for her role. Her overacting is beyond bearable and in more than half the scenes, we are expected to stare at her heaving with her low neckline wear.

Daisy Shah too fails to show any improvement post Jai Ho in fact she sinks lower. Her dialogue delivery is extremely weak.

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