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Gandhi To Hitler


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Cast: Raghuvir Yadav as Hitler, Neha dhupia as Eva Braun, Aman verma as Balbeer, Lucky vakharia as Amrita, Nalin Singh as Goebbles, Nasir Abdullah as Speers, Abhijit Dutt as Gandhi, Nikita Anand as Magda, Bhupesh Kumar Pandey as Bose

Producer: Dr Anil Kumar Sharma

Director: Rakesh Ranjan Kumar

Writer: Nalin Singh

Plot: The Film “Dear Friend Hitler” is named in international version where as in indian version it is named as “Gandhi To Hitler”. It aims to show the ideological clashes between Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler during the last few days of the Second World War.

The Film “Dear Friend Hitler” aims to show the ideological clashes between Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler during the last few days of the Second World War. The contemporary leaders of the era had entirely different approaches for discharge of their duties and responsibilities towards their nations and humanity. The former believed in “an eye for an eye” whereas the latter believed “an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”. The title “Dear Friend Hitler” itself comes from the contents of the two letters Gandhi wrote to Hitler urging him to stop violence and destruction.

gandhi to hitler Review

Hitler (Raghuvir Yadav) is stuck in a bunker in Berlin in the last days of World War II with his mistress and close generals. An Indian soldier, who had supported the Germans in World War II, is now travelling across Europe on foot to India. Read the review of Gandhi To Hitler for more.

Gandhi To Hitler Review

Business rating: 0.5/5 star

Star cast: Neha Dhupia, Raghuvir Yadav, Aman Verma, Nalin Singh, Nasir Abdullah.

What’s Good: Raghuvir Yadav’s performance.

What’s Bad: The poorly conceived and written script; the pathetic direction and technical values; the absence of good music; the rather average performances.

Verdict: Gandhi To Hitler will flop miserably.

Loo break: Several.

Watch or Not?: Only if you like taking risks with your time and money.

User rating:

Amrapali Media Vision Pvt. Ltd.’s Gandhi To Hitler is a historical drama about the last days of the German Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

In the last days of World War II, Hitler (Raghuvir Yadav), his mistress of many years, Eva Braun (Neha Dhupia), and his loyal generals are holed up in a bunker in Berlin, Germany. There is also Hitler’s trusted associate, Joseph Goebbels (Nalin Singh) and architect and minister, Albert Speer (Nasir Abdullah). Hitler maintains a façade of equanimity, even though he knows that German defeat at the hands of the Allies is imminent. Soon, one by one, several of Hitler’s generals start disobeying his orders and abandon him. A few even plan to usurp his authority by making peace with the Allied forces. But Goebbels decides to stay put in the bunker with Hitler till the end. He even calls his wife, Magda Goebbels (Nikita Anand), and his children to reside in the bunker. Eva, who is a fun-loving girl, sticks by Hitler’s side faithfully.

Somewhere in Europe, a group of rebel Indian soldiers, who had joined Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s army (that supported Germany in the war), are trying to make their way back to India on foot. The senior-most soldier, Balbeer (Aman Verma), guides them through the desolate and extremely difficult journey. The soldiers meet resistance at several border posts, and they are continually under attack, as they are still taken to be German supporters.

Back in pre-Independence India, Balbeer’s wife, Amrita (Lucky Vakharia), longingly waits for him. But in her own way, she is supporting India’s freedom struggle, by being a satyagrahi under the aegis of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhiji also writes two heartfelt letters to Hitler, pleading him to listen to the voice of his (Hitler’s) conscience. What happens to Hitler in the end? Does Eva stick by him? What about Balbeer? The rest of the film answers these questions.

Gandhi To Hitler Review

Gandhi To Hitler – Script Analysis

The germ of Nalin Singh’s story could have turned into a very good historical drama had it been written well. But, alas, in the absence of a coherent story, the film turns out be a terribly dull fare. The screenplay (by Rakesh Ranjan Kumar) is so poorly written that the audience cannot make head or tail of the narrative. Indeed, the writers’ confusion is exposed when the audience realises, by half time, that the film is neither about Gandhiji nor about Hitler. In fact, the sub-plot about Balbeer and his wife back in India is so pathetic that the audience will feel helpless sitting like lame ducks in the theatre.

It goes without saying that the writers have made a laughing stock of the most feared autocrat the world has ever seen, Hitler. Even if they wanted to portray Hitler’s last few desperate days, they could have, at the least, given the audience a glimpse of his former glory. But no, the writers have chosen, instead, a lengthy and boring historical narration that keeps popping up intermittently between scenes. The screenplay is also riddled with archival footage that is somehow supposed to serve as a bridge between unconnected scenes, but does not do anything except for boring the audience further. There is no emotional connection between Balbeer and Amrita or, for that matter, between Hitler and Eva, that might provide some entertainment. The film starts off as a documentary and ends up like a C-grade television production.

Gandhi To Hitler – Star Performances

Neha Dhupia is okay as Eva Braun. Raghuvir Yadav’s dramatic performance as Adolf Hitler is good in the last few reels. Aman Verma is alright as Balbeer but since his entire track is rather poorly conceived, the audience winces every time he comes on screen. Lucky Vakharia (as Amrita) is unimpressive. Nalin Singh (as Joseph Goebbels), Nasir Abdullah (as Albert Speer), Avijit Dutt (as Mahatma Gandhi) and Nikita Anand (as Magda Goebbels) provide fair support.

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