1921 Plot

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Cast: Karan Kundra, Zareen Khan

Director: Vikram Bhatt


1921 Review

1921 Movie Review Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Karan Kundra, Zareen Khan

Director: Vikram Bhatt

1921 Movie Review
1921 Movie Review

What’s Good: The movie definitely succeeds in creating an eerie atmosphere at times and has some well-directed and executed horror sequences

What’s Bad: This Vikram Bhatt film offers you too many hilarious moments and the excess exaggeration of scenes tends to start bothering you, when it happens over and over throughout the movie.

Loo Break: There are too many unnecessary songs, given this being a horror movie. So you can definitely give any of the songs a miss and take a break. Trust me you are not going to miss anything significant.

Watch or Not?: The first half definitely gives hope of living up to the level of 1920 but the battle is completely lost in the second half of the film. Watch if you want to experience some spine-chilling moments, but also be ready to laugh your heart out at times.

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The movie revolves around Ayush Asthana( Karan Kundra) who is blessed with phenomenal music skills and has never attained any formal training in it. When he performs at Mr Wadia’s (Vikram Bhatt) house for a party, he insists him on getting a professional degree in music. Mr Wadia offers Ayush a deal, where he takes on himself the expense for Ayush’s degree in York College of Music and instead wants him to be the caretaker of his mansion in York. Ayush happily accepts it and moves to York where after 3 months he starts experiencing ghastly happenings. Meanwhile, Mr Wadia’s niece visits the mansion and tries to kill Ayush for reasons unknown.

On the other end is Rose ( Zareen Khan) who has fallen in love with Ayush by just hearing his music, even before meeting him. She is blessed with a special power where she can see spirits and communicate with them. She helps people going through incidents which are beyond a normal humans understanding related to evil spirits and their motives. Watch the movie to know.

1921 Movie Review

1921 Movie Review: Script Analysis

Written by the director of a benchmark horror movie like 1920, this one definitely comes as a surprise. The script gets confusing at times and you tend to lose connection with the last scene you watched and are left wondering. Elongated flashbacks were a major drawback for the script, which if kept minimal could have helped in giving a steady foothold for 1921.

1921 Movie Review: Star Performance

This might be called as Zareen Khan’s best performance till date. Not only has she improved as an actress but also has her screen presence only gotten better. To better describe her performance in 1921, it seems like she has taken it upon herself to fulfil the herculean task of trying over and over to save the sinking ship that 1921 is.

Karan Kundra is definitely one of the reasons why you do not find a connection with this movie, 1921. This man definitely needs to work on his expressions and acting skills and could have been easily been replaced by any other actor. It would be wrong on our part if we fail to praise him for his work by the end of the second half where he does real justice to his role of a man whose body has been possessed by an evil spirit.

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