Petition Demands X-Men Director Bryan Singer’s S*x Crimes Be Investigated By FBI
Online Petition Demands X-Men Director Bryan Singer’s Alleged S*x Crimes To Be Investigated By FBI


X-Men and Bohemian Rhapsody director Bryan Singer is no new to accusations. The filmmaker who has been accused of being a paedophile and an assaulter has found his name in one more controversy. A petition has been circulated asking for an FBI investigation in Bryan’s alleged s*x crimes and below are all the details.

For the unversed, The X-Men filmmaker has been in the news after being accused of sexual crime quite a few times. Now as the #Speakout movement is catching momentum, Bryan Singer is named again. This time Elijah Daniels, in a tweet has called the filmmaker a paedophile and an s*x trafficker.


Elijah Daniels in his Twitter thread revealed how Bryan Singer lately shifted his focus from actors to influencers. He even spoke about his team of alleged recruiters who helped him find prey.

Stating how Singer is a big personality in the west and also has many accusations to his name, Elijah Daniels wrote, “He was known for having “pool parties,” with his high level execs, always with minors, where he and his high level friends would allegedly drug & assault young boys.”

He added, “As some of his friends got arrested, he somehow stayed going. Making millions directing and producing movies. Due to his lawsuits, he has gone quiet on social media. THIS is why: Beginning in 2017 Bryan Singer & friends switched focus. Instead of aspiring actors, influencers.”

Further, Elijah Daniels revealed how Bryan Singer made all the boys (his preys) delete pictures of him, with him from their social media. While on that, he also spoke how one of Bryan’s recruiter approached him.

He wrote, “I was first approached by one of Bryan’s friends & alleged recruiter who said he was 22, in around 2015-2016, we talked for a bit,,,, and then he asked if I wanted to go to Hawaii with his friend Bryan. Instant no. I searched and found him, he was 32.”

Elijah Daniels further opened up how he was, again and again, insisted to meet Bryan Singer but he didn’t. Concluding and telling people to sign the petition against Singer, Elijah wrote, “All this is alleged, but Bryan Singer is a very high profile and dangerous man who a lot of people are terrified to speak out against, he has been continued to be given a platform and he is f*cking awful. I just want y’all to be aware he is changing his tactics. stop supporting.”

The petition against the director is going viral and has collected over 40,000 signatures already.

What do you think about Elijah Daniels claims? Let us know in the comments section below.

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