Yes, you have heard it right, The Twilight Saga star went through 60 days of intensive training as prep for a fight sequence in her upcoming film- ‘American Ultra‘.

Kristen who is the face of many well known brands across the globe made sure that she trained hard to perfect her action moves. In fact the makers had arranged a special team for Kristen to train with.

Kristen Stewart in a still from movie 'American Ultra'
Kristen Stewart in a still from movie ‘American Ultra’

Her Fight sequence in the film doesn’t lasts more than 30 seconds, but the actor wasn’t keen on compromising at any front and made sure gave her hundred percent. She even refused to use a body double for any other sequences in the film. “I wish i got to do a little bit more fighting, but I have like 30 seconds in which I prove myself and my elbows prove to be like, you know.. useful” says Kristen.

Kristen stars alongside Jesse Eisenberg in ‘American Ultra. This pairing comes back onto the screen after six years, they previously had starred together in ‘Adventureland’. ‘American Ultra‘ is a film, which revolves around A Stoner, who is actually a trained CIA Agent and is unaware about it. He realizes about this when he is marked as a liability and targeted for extermination, but he is too well-trained, making him a hard nut to crack. ‘American Ultra‘ is all set to hit the Indian Shores on 28th August, 2015.

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