Eminem's Home Invader Reveals He Was There To 'Kill Him'
Eminem’s Home Invader Reveals He Was There To ‘Kill Him’ (Photo Credit: Instagram/Eminem)

Rapper Eminem’s (born Marshall Mathers) house was invaded in April this year. And as per the recent testimony of the police officer who responded to the incident, it was a life-threatening one. Read on to know what the officer had to say during the preliminary hearing in the case.


Earlier this year, Eminem’s home in Detroit, Mich. was invaded by an individual during the wee hours of April 5. Authorities say the accused, Matthew David Hughes, allegedly gained access to Eminem’s residence by climbing through a window he smashed with a brick.


During a preliminary hearing in the case against Hughes, on September 9, Adam Hackstock, a Clinton Township police officer shared details about the intruder’s intentions. Hackstock testified that Mathers aka Eminem said he woke up to a man standing behind him. He said Eminem initially thought the individual was his nephew before realizing he was an intruder.

Adam said, “When Mr. Mathers asked him why he was there, he was told by Mr. Hughes that he was there to kill him.”

Hackstock also testified that when he arrived at Eminem’s house that night, he found a security guard wrestling with Hughes on the ground. The rapper said he walked Hughes through several rooms before escorting him out of the house, the officer added. The home invader wasn’t carrying a weapon, continued Hackstock.

Hughes was arrested on first-degree home invasion charges of Eminem. He has remained in custody since that day.

The Detroit Free Press reported that Eminem did not attend Wednesday’s hearing. According to the publication, the judge found probable cause to proceed with a trial.

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