Forget Expensive Blushes, This DIY Tutorial For Cheek Tint Is The Beauty Hack You’ll Thank Us For
Forget Expensive Blushes, This DIY Tutorial For Cheek Tint Is The Beauty Hack You’ll Thank Us For

You talk about makeup, and skip the blush process? Is that really possible? Oh yes, if you are one of the rare cases with those beautiful apple-like cheeks. But most of us crave for that natural rose look. Every woman would have at least 3-4 different shades from different brands, but mostly we’re disappointed. Well we’ve a got free of cost cheek tint tutorial for you. To start with, you’’ be thankful.

Getting straight to the business. All you need for the DIY tutorial is just 4 simply accessible ingredients – Aloe Vera gel, rose water, red food colour, and goddamn any essential oil.


Now follow these simple steps for a beautiful cheek tint:


Talk half tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Mix it in a bowl in a way that it creates a creamy paste. Make sure that you use one of those branded aloe vera gel for a better result with your cheek tint, rather than extracts from an original plant.

Mix around 4-5 tablespoon of rose water in it. Stir it really well.

Moving on to the next step, take any facing oil. You could go for jojoba, olive oil, or maybe any suitable facial oil. Put 4 drops of the oil into the mixture of your cheek tint.

Take one spoon of the red food colour liquid. Take about ½-1/3 spoon of your liquid and mix it with the rest of the mixture.

And that’s it guys! It’s all you need for your natural beautiful cheek tint.

Now, you don’t need any more of those expensive blushes. Contrary to all the expensive branded products that last barely for 2-3 hours, this can go up to good 5-6 hours!

Apply all over your cheeks, a little on the neck portion. Make sure to blend it well! For the once wondering if it will leave any marks on the face (the oil will do the trick, you guys!)

Hope our latest beauty hack helped you. Stay tuned to this space for more such content!

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