‘Chalo Dilli’ Preview

Chalo Dilli Preview (Chalo Dilli Movie Poster)
Vinay Pathak & Lara Dutta in Chalo Dilli.

Plot: Lara Dutta is a strong willed young woman who is a Senior Vice President of a top multinational financial institution in Mumbai. A go-getter, no nonsense woman, she’s heading back home from Mumbai to Delhi to her banker husband. She misses her flight and encounters Vinay Pathak, a podgy and loud ‘Ladies Cut-piece’ merchant from Delhi. As fate would have it, the duo is stuck together for the rest of the journey to Delhi. A bizarre journey full of adventure, madness and crazy comic moments with the oddest travelling couple ever!

Star cast: Vinay Pathak, Lara Dutta, Akshay Kumar (cameo), Yana Gupta.

Promotion: The promotion of ‘Chalo Dilli‘ has caught on in the past week. The song, Matargashtiya is very good. Unfortunately, the music has not caught on well.

Expectations: Don’t expect ‘Chalo Dilli’ to get a very good start at the box-office as its promotion has not been up to the mark. However, as the film has been made on a controlled budget and caters to the multiplex audience,  it might reach the safety mark and even do well at the box-office.

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