Kulraj Randhawa is all set to make it large in Bollywood. She is way more than just a pretty face in the Indian film industry today. Her career reached a crescendo during her television days when she featured in the soap opera Karishma Karishma and thereafter she headed for the silver screen.

With two Bollywood films in her kitty already and the others under pre production, Kulraj Randhawa ‘s sweet and innocent charm might has worked wonders for her in the movie business.

The sweet dimpled beauty who took her baby steps in the world of glamour and glitz is now racing towards stardom. Be it her Punjabi films or her tryst with the small screen, one can’t deny that Yamla Pagla Deewana put the spotlight on Kulraj Randhawa and catapulted her to great heights. In this special exclusive interview with Koimoi, we explore the nitty-gritties from the pages of the Personal diary of Bollywood’s newest Pretty woman- Kulraj Randhawa!

Kulraj Randhawa
Kulraj Randhawa

The Personal Diary of Kulraj Randhawa:

Actors in the industry whom I completely admire: Sridevi and Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. I just love both of them. They are electric on screen.

Favourite Holiday destination: In India, it would Leh-Ladakh, it is serenely beautiful. Abroad, it would be tough for me to choose but I will stick to Canada.

My Dream date: Ummm (Pauses), there are so many! (Laughs) One person I want to date is Pierce Brosnan.

My heart dances to the thought of: Any kind of achievements. No matter even if it is something minute, as small as winning a squash game, if its an achievement, my heart starts dancing to a different beat!

One quality that I admire the most: If it is something, then I like people who have the quality to speak the truth, stand there and face situations.

If not an actress, I would have been: A writer. But well, even being an actor, am inching towards it. I am on it already.

Kulraj in a few sentences:Fun, honest, loyal and friendly person with a good sense of humor.

A song I cant resist to groove on: Don’t worry, be happy!

A place I dream of living alone:I see it with a lot of meadows and lots of trees and chocolates around it

Kulraj Randhawa
Kulraj Randhawa

Quickest mode of transport in case of an Emergency: A metro, only if it is optional. Some days I usually think of getting into a metro, the car usually takes a long time in case of an emergency!

A menu you I dive into even if I have to give diet a miss: I love the butter chicken curry that my mother makes at home!

One trait I want to change in myself: I am too gullible at times. I believe people a lot on face value which should stop.

I miss: Being in school. I come from a Boarding school and it was really fun there. So I miss those days.

I look back to the day when:I landed in the city of dreams, Mumbai. The first day I landed into this city, I realized there is a change in my perspective and a phase is coming which would change my life forever. I had given up a lot of things to make it here, so for me my future and many other things were at stake.

First crush was: In school (Laughs)

First boyfriend was: Again, in school. I might be in my secondary sections then. In 11th, I guess!

Friendship, to me means: Loyalty. If you are not trustworthy you can never be a friend.

Love, to me is: Giving without really thinking about getting something in return.

Websites I love to surf:Well, there are lots of them. But these days, I would love to search for accessories, clothing and things like that on the web. Shopping has become so much easier.

Kulraj Randhawa
Kulraj Randhawa

Most prized possession of my life: It has to be my first car which I really earned with my hard earned money. Then of course, it lost all its zeal when later on I went on to buy more cars.

My Favourite fragrance is: After the rains, I just love the smell of the wet Earth.

Last person who made you mad: There are so many (Laughs). Someone close to me told certain facts which weren’t true and as I said, I trusted that person on face value and believed him to finally get deceived.

My dream car would be: a Jaguar!

A thing that annoys me the most: Lizards.

Biggest weakness: would be that I succumb to what my parents say, especially my Mom. She is my biggest weakness.

Your first job and first pay: I had done a freelancing job and had written an article for some newspaper. I think I got something around 2000 bucks.

Number of kids I want to have in future: About Eight! I just love kids. I want to have loads of children!

I get complimented most about: My dimple and my eyes

Something that I am guilty about: I don’t think I can share it publicly. It is too personal.

If alcohol got illegal, I would: probably find ways to make it at home. I come from a State where there are ways of making liquor at home. I have gone through the process of domestic liquor making at home. It’s completely strong and not at all recommended.

Most memorable moment in my Life till date: There are a couple of them. But the most memorable of them would be the first time when I came in public after my first film; rather I got famous technically speaking. Even after my show was on air, three to four months of shoot was completely done and I had no idea what was happening. Then I was in Dubai where I experienced something I never had done before. There was actually a huge crowd who were applauding for me and the entire feeling was extra-ordinary!

Something that turns me on: Intelligence

Something that turns me off: Bad body odour.

Phones that I use: A Blackberry and an iPhone.

A phrase that I use quite often: Forget it!

A bad habit:I think I get too involved and out of my way in helping people even when I can realize that they don’t want it

Kulraj Randhawa

Last time I cried was: Yesterday because I was working on an assignment and I kind of lost the pace of the work. I was waiting for a lot of confirmations and then I lost patience.

If I get on hit by a person of the same sex: Probably we will end up in a bad and a very ugly cat-fight

Last time you made a prank call: I did it just a few days back. Well there was this guy who was probably a stalker and who would constantly bug me by calling me all the time. Even after repeated requests he continued doing that. So few days back, I took my friend’s cell phone and made a call to this guy to find out who he was!

A secret of mine that no one else knows: I am very strong and faithful

One role I wish I had done: Basanti’s role in Sholay, maybe!

One director I can die to work with: Steven Speilberg. I know its too ambitious but who cares?

Brands that I follow: I love Christian Dior when it comes to fragrance.

I am most comfortable in: Denims and a short tee

I go bananas over: Brad Pitt!

A tagline that best describes me: Live and Let live

Something that separates me from my contemporaries: I just don’t give it up so soon. If something doesn’t work well, I am ready to live with it.

If I was given to be born as someone else I would be: Born as myself because then I would have the chance to change few things about myself.

Something that is keeping me busy with now: I am doing a couple of them. Two Bollywood films which are still under production so they can’t be named now. Then there is something in the south too. So that should be it for it. Apart from movies, I am also involved and engrossed in my writing which I am very keen on and looking forward to.

Message to our readers would be: Believe in what you want to do, because if you really have faith in yourself and are desperate to get it, you will definitely get it. Come what may but you can’t forget the Creator who has given us everything. So even if we are short of one thing. We should not blame him for everything.

Kulraj Randhawa Kulraj Randhawa is most famous for her role in Yamla Pagla Deewana

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