Ye Stupid Pyar

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Ye Stupid Pyar

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Cast :Jatin Khurana, Noopur Patwardhan, Akansha, Sahil, Sachin, Pummy and Raju

Director :Rakesh Jain

Producer : JRD FILMS – M.L.Khurana

Cinematography : M.A.Shaikh

Music : Vipin Patwa and Reeky

Singers : Shaan, KK, Shreya Ghoshal, Nikhil D’souza, Salim Master, Vipin Patwa, Ritu Pathak, Reeky, Shasha, Arun Daga

Lyrics : Sanjay Mishra, Dr. Sagar, Yusuf Khan, Arafaat

Choreography : Tejas, Reshma, Sagar, Rajiv

Dialogues : Rakesh Jain

Plot : Abhishek Khurana, the only son of a rich business man – handsome and  hardworking  is well settled in USA dreams of marrying an INDIAN GIRL..

On his visit to India he meets, NEHA DALVI who takes classes for salsa and yoga and  lives  with her father…

Abhishek joins the Salsa classes leaving no opportunities to be closer to her and cherish every moment that they spend together as friends. As time goes by, one fine day, Abhsihek proposes Neha and they exchange the vows…. On their first wedding night, Neha breaks down emotionally for the fact of leaving his Dad alone and go to US in such a short span.  Abhishek expresses his concern and as a gesture of true love, decides to join his Bangkok office instead and  offers Neha to celebrate their first wedding night at their new destination – THAILAND – to be flown the next day….

Life becomes so sweet and adorable, everything gets going smoothly as Abhishek reaches home from his first day of office and gets a very passionate first night gift from Neha.

Destiny plays its part and things take a turn when the life of Abhishek and Neha is disturbed under circumstances beyond their control. Abhishek meets Simran and his friend multiplex who gets involved in bringing them out of the situation. Though Simran always had feelings for Abhishek, since their college days of which  Abhishek was always unawre… while she  helps him in all the possible ways she could. Simran seeks help of her dear friend Multiplex and their extensive search for Neha begins.

What goes through the lives of Abhishek, Neha and Simran is the explanation to their confusion about love. Is Love so simple… or is it so Stupid?

ye stupid pyar Review

Abhishek Khurana (Jatin) migrates from the USA to Bangkok at the request of his newlywed wife, Neha (Noopur). Once the couple is in Bangkok, the wife disappears. What happens then? Read the review of Ye Stupid Pyar for more.

Ye Stupid pyar Movie Poster
Ye Stupid Pyar poster

Business rating: 0.5 / 5 stars

Star cast: Jatin, Neha, Akansha Shivhare, Sahil Vaid.

What’s Good: Nothing at all!

What’s Bad: The juvenile script; commonplace dialogues; the average performances.

Verdict:Ye Stupid Pyar lacks entertainment and will prove to be a flop.

Loo break: Several.

Watch or Not?: Watch it at your own risk.

JRD Films and M.L. Khurana’s Ye Stupid Pyar is the story of Abhishek Khurana (Jatin) who has an excellent job in the USA. He comes to India on a short trip and falls in love with Neha (Noopur). The two soon get married. On the wedding night itself, Neha emotionally blackmails Abhishek into taking a transfer from the US to Bangkok, which he does.

Once in Bangkok, Abhishek is shocked to find Neha missing when he returns from office on the first day. It turns out that she has left him because she was in love with another guy who was in Bangkok. What happens thereafter? Does Abhishek complain to Neha’s father in India or to the police in Bangkok? Does he search for Neha? Is he successful in tracing her? What is the truth about Neha’s disappearance?

Ye Stupid pyar

Ye Stupid Pyar Review: Script Analysis

Rakesh Jain’s story is quite childish. Even the screenplay (credited to no one) is immature. Why Neha had to go through the marriage with Abhishek to reach Bangkok and why she couldn’t simply run away from home to be with her boyfriend is just not explained. It is not as if her father would never learn of her elopement after marriage. Since this basic question is not answered, the entire drama that follows fails to involve the audience. Also, the whole angle of Rajveer, the boyfriend of Neha in Bangkok, is predictable and too routine to be true. Effectively, the drama fails to involve the viewer because it is very juvenile. Dialogues, penned by Rakesh Jain, are commonplace.

Ye Stupid Pyar Review: Star Performances

Newfind Jatin is no hero material. His looks and his performance are very ordinary. Noopur also makes a dull debut. She is average as far as her looks are concerned. Her acting passes muster. Akansha Shivhare (as Simran) acts with sincerity. Sahil Vaid is okay as Multiplex who keeps imitating well-known characters of well-known Hindi films. Sachin, Pummy, Raju and the rest provide very ordinary support. Rakesh, Neetu, Kanika, Chandrani, Dhananjay and Mohit fill the bill.

Ye Stupid Pyar Review: Direction & Technical Aspects

Rakesh Jain’s direction is limited by the lacklustre script. Music (Vipin Patwa and Reeky) is okay although the songs haven’t been popularised. Lyrics (Dr. Sagar, Sanjay Mishra, Yusuf Ali Khan and Arafat Mahmood) are okay. Choreography, by Tejas Dattani, Reshma Khan, Sagar-Bape and Rajiv, is dull. Background music (Reeky) ought to have been better. M.A. Shaikh’s camerawork is so-so. Editing (Rajesh Khanchi) hardly deserves mention. Sets (Kay Kay) are garish.

Ye Stupid Pyar Review: Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Ye Stupid Pyar is a poor show and will meet with a matching fate at the ticket windows.

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