Tum Bin 2

tum bin 2 Plot

Release Date:

Cast: Neha Sharma, Aditya Seal, Aashim Gulati

Director: Anubhav Sinha

Producer/s: Bhushan Kumar

tum bin 2 Review

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (One and half stars)

Star Cast: Neha Sharma, Aditya Seal, Aashim Gulati

Director: Anubhav Sinha

Tum Bin 2 Poster
Tum Bin 2 Poster

What’s Good: A few light moments between the family and the songs are few of the better things in the film.

What’s Bad: The overstretched climax nearly kills you. Also, since none of the three lead actors knows how to act, there is a constant discomfort.

Loo Break: Especially necessary in the second half.

Watch or Not?: Skip! There is no romance but only forced emotion in Tum Bin 2. Easily, the prequel would still after 15 years make a better watch.

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Taran (Neha Sharma) and Amar (Aashim Gulati) are the ideal ‘in love’ couple. On their vacation together, Amar takes a skiing expedition by himself and meets with an accident. After, 10 days of search operations, the rescue team fail to find his body but assume him to be dead.

Taran is mourning the loss of her fiance while her family tries to keep her cheered up. Soon, her father in law (Kanwal Jeet) introduces her to Shekhar (Aditya Seal) and the two hit it off well. Shekhar reminds Taran that in spite of all the pain and Amar’s loss, her life must go on. The two start to develop feeling for one another and just then, Amar miraculously returns after being treated for coma for eight months.

Taran must now choose between her past and present. Whom will she choose?

Aditya Seal, Neha Sharma and Aashim Gulati in a still from Tum Bin 2
Aditya Seal, Neha Sharma and Aashim Gulati in a still from Tum Bin 2

Tum Bin 2 Review: Script Analysis

Tum Bin 2 is largely the same concept as the original one except for Amar’s return. Sadly, it lacks the emotional connect of the first one.

The characters have been crafted so poorly that it annoys you to sit and watch someone so confused about their life choices, in this case guy choices.

Towards the end, one gets a feeling as to how messed up all three characters are when the boys keep playing passing the parcel about Taran saying ‘you love her’ no! ‘You love her more’. I would have been happy had they found love in each other and made a happy gay ending.

The side characters of Taran’s sisters, Manpreet and Gurpreet are much better than the leads. The scenes where we see the family enjoying together are good and relatable especially the dinner table scenes. Light hearted humor in the entire sequence where Gurpreet falls for a Pakistani is fun.

Shekhar’s character is penned with a book of quotes. He is philosophical for no reason and any Taran in real life would not have fallen for him. It’s exactly contrasting to the original film which had Shekhar as a matured individual whose guilt needed no words.

Tum Bin 2 in spite of having a love triangle, teaches you nothing about love. This is just a bunch of immatured people getting confused between concepts such as rebound and infatuation.

Tum Bin 2 Review: Star Performance

Neha Sharma puts up a weak performance and fails miserably at feeling us even an iota of her pain. Her dialogue delivery too hasn’t improved much since earlier and my question is why her?

Aditya Seal as Amar is so preachy that you feel like putting a duct tape to his face. He too doesn’t emote well and is terrible in one of the drunk scenes.

Aashim Gulati or should we say ‘Wannabe Sidharth Malhotra’ should have played the dead character. He is better off when he doesn’t speak.

Kanwal Jeet is a talented actor and does his role of Papaji aptly.

The side characters of Manpreet and Gurpreet are better than the leads.

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