Koimoi 2013 Audience Poll

Koimoi 2013 Audience Poll

And we are back! As the year comes to an end, Koimoi.com brings to you the ‘Audience Poll’, where the Best of 2013 will be nominated and you will have to keep showering your precious votes to make your favourite win the poll, be it the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Film, Best Director or even the year’s Best Poster.

So, keep voting and make your favourite win the poll!


1) Vote for: 2013’s Best Actor 

2) Vote for: 2013’s Best Actress 

3) Vote for: 2013’s Director With Best Film 

4) Vote for: 2013’s Film With Best Story 

5) Vote for: 2013′s Best Actor With A Difference 

6) Vote for: 2013’s Best Male Singer 

7) Vote for: 2013’s Best Female Singer 

8) Vote for: 2013′s Best Party Track 

9) Vote for: 2013’s Best Music Album 

10) Vote for: 2013’s Most Menacing Villain

11) Vote for: 2013’s Best Dance Moves

12) Vote for: 2013’s Best Male Debutant 

13) Vote for: 2013′s Best Female Debutant

14) Vote for: 2013’s Best Comedian

15) Vote for: 2013′s Best Supporting Actress

16) Vote for: 2013’s Best Supporting Actor

17) Vote for: 2013’s Film With Best Dialogues

18) Vote for: The ‘Best Poster Of 2013′

19) Vote for: 2013 Film That Had ‘Best Action’

20) Vote for: 2013’s Best On-Screen Jodi

21) Vote for: 2013’s Best Style Diva

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