Hip-hop, masala and soft moves galore, 2013 stood a testament to some impeccably delicious maneuvers and signature steps that kept people on the grove. Be it bringing the Lungi back to full swing or taming the rope to glide over, 2013 saw a variety of dances- one that entertained to the one that enthralled!

Aamir Khan still from 'Malang' song, Ranbir Kapoor still from 'Badtmeez Dil' and Shah Rukh Khan stil from 'Lungi Dance'
Aamir Khan still from ‘Malang’ song, Ranbir Kapoor still from ‘Badtmeez Dil’ and Shah Rukh Khan stil from ‘Lungi Dance’

Gone are the days when the crowd moves their hips just to a Munni, Sheila or the Chikni Chamelis and the Chhammak Chhallos! While the composers are trying their best to creatively juice out masaledaar item songs, the choreographers are busy setting a new trend. And so they did as the nomination list for the Best Dance 2013 stands witness to some of the finest choreography that Bollywood had witnessed in recent times.

Lat Lag Gayi from Race2 (Ahmed Khan)


A spicy raunchy number that was made on the lines of Zara Zara Touch me from its prequel, Jacqueline looked fab as she went high and higher on addiction with the Lat Lag Gayi number. Ahmed Khan’s signature move caught frenzy as we jived to this totally delectable item number. Baby, you just got us addicted, mahn!

Sadda Dil Vi tu from ABCD (Remo D’ Souza)

This, being the Indianised version of the Step Up series, director cum choreographer Remo D Souza helmed the project to overwhelming expectations as he brought out the best dancers from the nation to make this dance film a really iconic one. And when he decided to go all out with his Sadda Dil Vi Tu number, the locking and the popping and the hip-hop just wowed us to the fullest. With ABCD setting new benchmarks to dancing, can we really have the sequel at the earliest please?

Badtameez Dil from YJHD (Remo D’ Souza)

Refreshingly youthful and crazily addictive, the mad –mad number from YJHD caught like a house on fire. Remo made Ranbir make the best moves in recent times as he upped his glam quotient in that brilliant decked up and choreographed number. From the hip roll to the hand movement, crowd went completely Badtamees as their Dil made the right Ranbir-istic moves. Our pick? The tribute to MJ portion that had us sitting with our mouth and eyes wide open!

Dilliwali Girlfriend from YJHD (Farah Khan)

After a totally mad outing with Fevicol Se, Farah Khan came back with a bang as she revolutionized and created one of the best wedding songs ever. Dilliwali Girlfriend had that spunk of naughtiness, the natkhat ada and the scorching Deepika-Ranbir chemistry but that golden Farah Khan touch made that simple Bye-bye hand movement look like a million bucks. Agreed!

1…2…3…4 from Chennai Express (Raju Sundaram)

When SRK decided to let it loose on the dance floor, he did it with elan and minimal sexual innuendos that somehow has become a trademark parameter for most Bollywood item numbers. Far from being raunchy, SRK still did almost any other item dance has: the thumkas, the booty shake, the energetic steps and the sheer brilliance in his body language served as the cheery on the cake. 1 2 3 4, lets just get on the dance floor with this one. Brownie points for Raju Sundaram for this one!

Lungi Dance from Chennai Express (Chini Prakash)

Undoubtedly, the Song of the Year, Lungi Dance brought back the famous Lungi back as the biggest fashion trend for the season as SRK-Deepika went totally cracked up in this insane Honey Singh rendition. Decked up in the total Rajni isshtyle, SRK’s tribute to Thalaiva made in a roaring impact, thanks to some perky and high spirited moves given by Chini Prakash. After all, the bottomline was out there: disco mein jab yeh gaana bajega, On the floor aana padega! Lungi ko uthana parega, step karke dikhana padega!

Nagada Dhol from Ram Leela  (Sameer and Harsh Tanna)

Rustic and earthy, Sameer and Harsh Tanna encapsulated the grand traditional essence in this particular folksy number, a trademark Sanjay Bhansali genius of sorts! But it was Deepika who flowed in that eccentric ghagra and did the garba with elan. From the dhol to the very earthy feel and look, the song scored high on the way it was picturised with each frame looking like a motion picture. The Gujrati flavor was heightened and we were floored!

Party All Night from Boss  (Mudassar Khan)

One of the best things about this otherwise bland and sloppy masala flick, the Party All Night number trod on the lines of a Sheila ki Jawaani, being the ultimate savior for the audience’s pocket pinch! And when it comes from the DID master who made the world go Dhinka Chika to his tunes, all we expected was firecrackers! And so he did. Peppy party beats upped by Mudassar’s brainstorming and Akshay-Sonakshi’s chemistry served as the perfect foot tapping number of the year. Yo, yo!

Gandi Baat from R.. Rajkumar (Prabhu Dheva)

Orgasmic, sensuous and overtly raunchy, the terrific duo of Shahid and Prabhu Dheva created nothing short of magic on screen as they did their Gandi Baat oh-so-lovingly. From the thunderous movements to the foot tapping rhythm and even the speedy knee turns, Shahid brought in the best in him. Knowing the caliber of Shahid as a dancer and Prabhu as a choreographer, this song was definitely a coalition of two dancing gems. One of the biggest hits of the year, the Gandi Baat fever created hysteria and the hand movement brought everyone on the party floors!

Kamli from Dhoom: 3  (Vaibhavi Merchant)

She spells Magic on screens when she made all the A-listers dance to her beats and when it was a certain Katrina Kaif, she made sure we kept our eyeballs struck to her all throughout. One of the most midblowing performances of the year, Vaibhavi’s terrific choreography brought in a totally new dimension to Indian dances, one that was never attempted until a Kamli happened. From hip-hop krumping and wacking to street locking and popping and the scary rope lifts and the somersaults. Katrina did everything and more! And in Vaibhavi’s words, Kamli was a total ra-rapat-rapchik-rapchundas-bhapka performance!

Malang from Dhoom 3 (Shampa Gopikrishna)

A magnanimous treat for every cine goer, Malang was nothing short of an extravagant visual fest, one that was packed with sheer brilliance. Bringing the almost fading away style of the Indian circus come totally alive on screen, Shampa Gopikrishna wowed and mesmerized as she choreographed one of the most stellar dance numbers in the history of Bollywood. Mostly an aerial act, donned by Aamir and Katrina with powerful aplomb, Malang touched the hearts and swept us off our feet. (and minds, too!)

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