From classical numbers to semi classical love ballads and some refreshingly powerful and arousing numbers, 2013 was a mishmash of everything! Added with a lot of fervor and breathtaking finesse by few of industry’s treasured finds this year, most of the albums this year had something or the other to fall back on. While some of us moved, grooved to the hip-hop party numbers, others decided to just cue up consoling ourselves during our heartbreaks, reminiscing the beautiful moments and the others were just busy slow-dancing coyly with their partners.

Ranbir Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur and Farhan Akhtar
Ranbir Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur and Farhan Akhtar

Definitely few of the best singing gems we have nurtured and unearthed this year, we bring you the 2013 list for the Best Male Singer, sans any heavyweight name, which is the surprising element!

Shafqat Amanat Ali for Teri Jhuki Nazar (Murder 3)


He wowed me with his Mitwaa, awed my fancies with the Tere Naina number and Dildaara track and swept me off my feet with his Phir Le Aya Dil last year. But when it came to 2013, he gave me reasons to fall in love, after ceremoniously shedding tears for his slow Barfi! number. Teri Jhuki Nazar, the romantic melody from the Murder 3 album gave us goosebumps as Shafqat Amanat Ali’s haunting vocals spread magic like no other. The guitar strumming and the sublime drum kicks in the background added to the aura as Shafqat drove us way past romance and love. A musical magician, as I rightfully call him, he was superb with his rendition.

Arijit Singh for Tum Hi Ho (Aashiqui 2)

A film that resonated Love like no other, it was reality show find Arijit Singh who gained huge momentum after becoming a rage amongst the youth with his Tum Hi Ho number. There was something so alluring in this man’s voice that connected oh-so-well to the ears. To a person who is lovelorn, Tum hi Ho was poetry to the ears. With time, as Tum hi Ho definitely became the romantic anthem of the year, we could not help but devour into this young budding storehouse of talent all the more. Ahh, Arijit, you are definitely the best find of 2013, yaar!

Ankit Tiwari for Sun Raha Hai Na Tu (Aashiqui 2)

While most were found with Tum Hi Ho on top of their playlists and busting the musical charts, I somehow had a little inclination towards the Sun Raha Hai Na Tu number. A song that even now, makes me and my friend run for our hankies, Ankit Tiwari infused life into the morose track and made it look a lot more believable. When he takes the higher pitches and then mixes it up with the soft rock boundaries, we couldn’t help but gasp on our breaths. A song that somehow reaches the crescendo of human emotions and expressions, Ankit Tiwari proved his mettle as he walked away with this song, eating away the cake from a rather stronger Shreya Ghoshal!

Arijit Singh for Ilahi (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

Another fantastic track, post his Aashiqui stint stamped Arijit as the new age singing sensation as he lip synced to Ranbir in this out-rightly simple yet complex number! Although Mohit Chauhan sang the reprise version, the original version by Arijit Singh soothed the ears a lot more than what Mohit’s vocals did. Sorry Mohit, we love you but Arijit brought in a certain amount of sincerity and brickbat solidarity in the temp which somehow heightened the otherwise bland number. It is his voice that spreads magic over the ears and how!

Tochi Raina for Kabira (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

When I had heard Iktaara from Ayan Mukerji’s debut film, I somehow felt there can be no better song than this. But with Kabira, Tochi Raina shunned me to my own surprise. A powerfully rendered songs, one that speaks of Tochi’s impeccable singing strength and control over his pitch and tone, Kabira is one of the most refreshingly arousing semi philosophical numbers I have ever heard of! Pairing up with Rekha Bharadwaj, Tochi created a sensational song, one that will be remembered for ages. True that.

Javed Bashir for Mera Yaar (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag)

This blended Sufi track from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is simply breathtaking for many reasons: one, this is by far the best from the entire album and takes the music album to an all together high with elan, plus the soulful track has that naughty tinge in the flavor. Sung by Javed Bashir, the naughty nonchalance is evident from the way he jives up the contemporary Sufi ballad with his Punjabi tone amidst a continuous sweet melody being played in the background. The lyrics are penned well and the robust Javed Bashir voice adds more tenacity to the number.

Sidhharth Mahadevan for Zinda (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag)

With his dad composing the music for the film, Siddharth lent his beautiful voice to the arousing Zinda number, which was high on passion and scored humungously on the intensity levels. Siddharth baffled with an ornate piece, one that easily metamorphosed from hard rock to a softer and smoother melody with consummate ease. Such was the technique and credentials of another power-packed singing starlet!

Jaswinder Singh & Shiraz Uppal for Ranjhanaa Hua (Ranjhanaa)

A list for the musical numbers wont be complete unless we add this track to it. One of the most refreshing, energetic and vibrant romantic numbers of recent times, Shiraz Uppal mesmerized us with a brilliantly concocted Ranjhanaa hua, with Jaswinder Singh’s voice giving it a certain semi-classical touch! The captivating beats of the dhol around the number caught frenzy and made the song a lot more appealing. But Shiraz Uppal’s voice blended with this romantic number like a blob of molten butter. Pure bliss, we must say!

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