The Green Chic

The Green Chic revolves around Chiclet (Green Chic) and his family who are living happily in the jungle. One day fate suddenly takes a turn and Chiclet’s mother is killed by a hunter. Chiclet’s father, in an attempt to save her, gets captured by the hunter & is taken to Mumbai. Heartbroken Chiclet gathers strength & with the blessings of his Guruji (Swan) takes a vow to rescue his dad from the clutches of the humans. His best friends Ginger (Monkey) & Quacky (Duck) join him in his journey from the jungle to the unknown city of Mumbai to help him find his father. How will they find Chiclet’s dad, in this large city? They come across Tom Hunt (Bhai), a dog who takes on the mantle of locating Chiclet’s dad, and who has a fantastic network of animals and a sophisticated surveillance system through which he controls the entire animal world of Mumbai.
Will Chiclet be able to find his dad & save him from the clutches of humans?

Voiced by Shiv Jasani, Parshwa Shah & Mohit Shah, ‘The Green Chic’ is conceived, written & directed by Sudhir Mehta. The film hits theatres on 24th June, 2011.

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