Govinda Naam Mera Movie Review: An Amusing Vicky Kaushal Takes You Back To The Vibe Of The 2000s When Comedy Of Errors Meant Twists Beyond Logic But Still Entertaining

Govinda Naam Mera is a harmless absurd comedy that doesn’t take itself seriously but is also clever

Govinda Naam Mera Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Vicky Kaushal, Kiara Advani, Bhumi Pednekar, Viraj Ghelani, Dayanand Shetty & ensemble.

Director: Shashank Khaitan.

Govinda Naam Mera Movie Review  ( Photo Credit – Govinda Naam Mera Poster )


What’s Good: Vicky Kaushal tackles yet another genre as the movie is smart and silly but hilarious at the same time.

What’s Bad: Bhumi Pednekar for the performance she brings to the table and gets very less screen time.

Loo Break: This is a movie you watch for fun and do not find a message or logic in. Pause and take that break if you want.

Watch or Not?: If your mood is just to get entertained and laugh for two hours, here’s your gig.

Language: Hindi (with subtitles).

Available on: Disney+ Hotstar.

Runtime: 131 Minutes.


User Rating:

Govinda Waghmare (Vicky) is married to Gauri (Bhumi) who dominates him and has created a ruckus in his life. His girlfriend Suku (Kiara) dreams to become a choreographer with Govinda. Amid all of this is his destiny that decides to turn the world upside down and begins the comedy of error where everything goes wrong until a master plan is hatched.

Govinda Naam Mera Movie Review ( Photo Credit – A Still From Govinda Naam Mera )

Govinda Naam Mera Movie Review: Script Analysis

It is the year of experimentation in cinema and the audience especially in India is finally opening their gates for content that is away from the staple fodder they are used to. But time and again a filmmaker decides to revisit the past and bring back the style of his predecessors and almost wins the show. It is a tricky way to adapt an over-tried style from the past decade, you either ace it or go haywire completely. Govinda Naam Mera is surprisingly a very smart movie that draws the blueprint of the past but also realises the time it is made in.

Written by Shashank Khaitan who has a pretty good track record of entertaining his audience in the commercial space with his original stories, Govinda Naam Mera is one of those films that doesn’t take itself seriously till the last 10 minutes where it finally decides to unfold all its cards. But that doesn’t mean the rest 2 hours or so are supposed to be entirely banal. It is built-up and Khaitan knows better how to do it. With a highly efficient and impressive Vicky Kaushal in the frame, he shapes an overtly dramatic world and one that cannot exist but sells it.

A man tortured by his wife, trying to find a balance with his girlfriend while fighting a legal battle with his step-brother for the mansion his dead father left for him and his mother who was his second wife and one he married on a film set. The mother is altogether a different ball game. She is hiding a secret and one so hilarious that she becomes a highlight even with limited screen space. So you see, absurdity is the key to this world and in all the good ways. Now the task is the put all this together create problems in abundance then solve them all while keeping the comedy alive.

Khaitan manages to do it pretty well. He creates situational humour and believes in the power of his performers. He builts Govinda out of so much trouble that even his maid has more authority in his house than him. Every thing he puts his hands on turns against him and now he has to save himself. So when comes a time he succeeds, you are bound to laugh. The movie could be making you laugh at silly things but is smart to put the correct silly things in the right order.

Yes, there are points where the setup looks borrowed or very much a reflection of the times when we saw Govinda shuffling between two wives unapologetically without letting the two know. Or when Akshay Kumar hatched the most stupid plans but the audience was convinced enough to even invest in the dumb charades. But that doesn’t bother me much because the originality needed is brought by the actors.


Govinda Naam Mera Movie Review: Star Performance

The biggest takeaway from Govinda Naam Mera is the fact that Vicky Kaushal can be a David Dhawan hero too (the David of the 90s I meant). The actor so effortlessly blends in this setup and believes in Govinda Waghmare, that at no point do you see Vicky Kaushal. His approach to playing this part is more original than inspired or copied from the actors who have aced this genre. He is a surprise package in this one and more of this Mr Kaushal please!

Kiara Advani is growing immensely as an actor. She is not just a glamourous girlfriend here, but does have a whole lot to do. The actor impresses in whatever she is given and you are invested in what part she has in the story.

Bhumi Pednekar is fun to watch as she dominates every single person around her with her devil-may-care attitude. I hope there was more screentime given to her because she manages to turn heads even with the limited space. More of her could have added more flavour.

Renuka Shahane as Govinda’s mom is such a treat. Talking about her arc might give spoilers, so watch it yourself. Rest everyone including Amey Wagh, Truti Khamkar, Dayanand Shetty are amazing to watch.

Govinda Naam Mera Movie Review ( Photo Credit – A Still From Govinda Naam Mera )

Govinda Naam Mera Movie Review: Direction, Music

Shashank Khaitan as a director understands exactly what his audience expects out of him. He tries to cater that to them. But sometimes one can also see that clearly. With Govinda Naam Mera, he builds out and. out comedy with no other element overpowering. It is a tough job and he does it well enough to entertain the said audience.

It is not a film you analyse and dissect for a meaning or catharsis. It is an absurd comedy that loosens the threads and tightens them by the end to give you an entertainer. Full marks for also shooting two thousand promotional music videos and not adding them in the movie to make it looks like a suicide. Though the songs are just not my gig.

Govinda Naam Mera Movie Review: The Last Word

Govinda Naam Mera is a harmless absurd comedy that doesn’t take itself seriously but is also clever. You need to watch this for Vicky Kaushal and his range.

Govinda Naam Mera Trailer

Govinda Naam Mera releases on 16 December, 2022.

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