The Green Chic

the green chic Plot
The Green Chic

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Writer & Director: Sudhir Mehta

Producer: Apurva Shah

Voice over artists: Shiv Jasani, Parshwa Shah, Mohit Shah, Aryan Shah, Sidh Jhaveri, Shanay Shroff, Shanay Damani

Plot: “The Green Chic …finding dad”, revolves around Chiclet (Green Chic) and his family who are living happily in the jungle. One day fate suddenly takes a turn and Chiclet’s mother is killed by a hunter.

Chiclet ‘s father in an attempt to save her gets captivated by the hunter & is taken to Mumbai.

Heartbroken Chiclet gathers strength & with the blessings of his Guruji (Swan) takes a vow to rescue his dad from the powerful clutches of the humans. His best friends Ginger (Monkey) & Quacky (duck) join him in this jenoury from the jungle to the unknown city of Mumbai to complete this mission … finding dad.

How will they find Chiclet’s dad, in this large city? Just then God answers their prayers. They come across Tom Hunt (Bhai), a dog who takes on the mantle of locating Chiclet’s dad who has a fantastic network of animals and a sophisticated surveillance system through which he controls the entire animal world of Mumbai.

Will Chiclet be able to find his dad & save him from the clutches of humans?

Will Love for Life find place in Every Humans Heart..??

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