Ranviir The Marshal

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Ranviir The Marshal

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Cast: Rishab Sharma, Ramnitu Chaudhary, Rati Agnihotri, Rajesh Khattar, Shibani Kashyap, Robin Das, Vishwajeet Pradhan

Writer/Director: Milind Ukey

Producer: Alok Sharma

Music Director: Ricky Mishra

Plot: Ranviir for the twenty years that he is has lived in a cocoon built by his strong-willed mother Ayesha who has fought even her own destiny to keep her son protected for as long as she can. Sometimes we run away from our own destiny not realizing that the journey itself is also predestined, so is the life of Ayesha and Ranviir.

Ayesha and Ranviir are more or less happy in a comfort zone with minor turbulences whenever Ranviir is disturbed by dreams of a Martial Art hero fighting for justice and valour. However whenever these dreams disturb Ranviir, Ayesha is always quick at making him feel that it is only the influence of the Action movies that he so often watches. Ranviir is never entirely convinced by the reasons she gives but doesn’t want to probe her too much knowing that his mother could be very obstinate when she chose to. Ranviir has a streak of uncontrolled anger in him that makes Ayesha wary, she dreads what might happen if she allows him to pursue Martial Arts and keeps him busy and happy with chores and encourages him to pursue softer forms of art.

But soon the mother and son’s comfort zone is invaded when Ranviir starts going to college. Ayesha may have been successful in guarding the secret behind not allowing Ranviir to learn Martial Arts despite his natural inclination towards it from childhood, but she cannot control the events at college where he is suddenly thrown in contact with his outer world, a world where he is exposed to his diverse mindsets and even diverse arts.

In a series of natural incidents that happen at College, Ranviir starts moving towards Martial Arts one way or the other. Ranviir’s first day at college becomes quite eventful when he meets two of the most important persons who are about to bring a change in his life. First is a pretty young girl called Simran, who brings a fresh wave in his otherwise mundane mornings with his mother back home and second is Karan, whom he accidentally challenges as a result of a natural outburst against the ragging of helpless juniors. Soon Ranviir is made out to be a hero amongst his peers, but Karan is not about to take it lying down and challenges Ranviir in another fight. Simran’s romantic interest in Ranviir saves him from Karan at that point but that is only the beginning and Ranviir is further faced with bigger challenges as his journey progresses.

Simran and Ranviir’s romance blossoms and Karan is also taken over by Ranviir’s loyalty after a marvellous display of bravery and physical skill. Ranviir’s relation with both of them is strengthened and eventually Ranviir is urged by Simran, Karan and other college students to pursue proper training in Taekwondo as they feel that he is meant for it. Ranviir gives in to their requests and starts undergoing training but keeping it a secret from Ayesha as he knows that she would never approve.

One day Ayesha finds out Ranviir’s secret and is angry and hurt after a confrontation with him. Ranviir promises Ayesha to stay away from Taekwondo when he realizes that he has hurt his mother’s sentiment, not knowing that destiny has other plans for him. Even Ayesha has to succumb to the situations that follow and make her accept that Taekwondo is Ranviir’s true calling. She takes up the challenge that time throws at them and decides to take him to a senior renowned mystical Martial Arts Guru called Guru Bodhi Dharma little does Ayesha realize that this leads Ranviir to his final destination and brings him face to face with the secret that Ayesha had guarded all her life. Whether Ranviir is victorious in defeating the biggest challenge of his life remains to be seen in the final journey that he is destined to take.

ranviir the marshal Review
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