Qayamat Hi Qayamat

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Qayamat Hi Qayamat
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Cast: Prakash Sagar, Ester Noronha, Upasna singh, Govind namdev, Zakir hussain, Ranjeet,Prem chopra, Puneet issar, Arun bakshi, Mushtaq khan, Jitendra vashisht, Aryan vaid, Maski, Sneha namanandi, Gracy singh

Director: Vicky Ranawat

Producer/s: Mamta Pathrod, Hemant Dhanetwal, Aditya Raj Singh, Gaurav Chopra

Music: Suraj Kanodia, Aanchal Talesra or Manoj Tikaria

Plot: A group of girls from Ahmadabad girls collage come to Rajsthan for a trip and there in Udaipur they meet, Torist guides (RAJA). who guides them in visiting various historical places and them aware of their history.

Rani (HEROINE) when meet Raja, feel that she has known him since ages and gets a Deja-Vufeeling every time. She visits may historical place during the trip. Raja falls in love with Rani and prays to Devi Maa to do Something to get Rani in his life.

Futher situation changes and Raja Rani falls in love with each other.One fine day Rani comes to Khumbhalgarh and there she gets the biggest shoks of her life, something unusual happens which makes her realises that she has take a re birth and in her previous birth her lover was none other then Raj. And when the Pandit of the temple looks at Raja and Rani he too get shocked and summen the people of the village. Every body is shocked to she Radha and Krishna their recarneted birth – Raja and Rani. Rani narrate the whole story of there past life to Raja that Raja in his previous birth could see through treasure hidden beneath the land. Due to which tantrik, Thakur and a currupt police officer took advantage of Krishna’s power and forces him to get hidden ancestral treasure from their fort by trapping Radha in there custody. After misusing his power and getting the treasure they all kill Radha and Krishna burry them in the fort. But cycle of life take a turn and they reincarnate as Raja and Rani, Raja also get a clear remembrance everything and decides to take revenge and kill the culprit.

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