Paisa Ho Paisa

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Paisa Ho Paisa

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Cast: Dhruv Bhandari, Madalasa Sharma, Kanishka Soni

Director: Muktha Sunder

Producer: Vishwanathan

Music Director/s: K. S Manoj, GD Prasad

Plot: Ashwin hails from a lower middle class family and all the time he thinks of making big money in short time. Ashwin, Bhoomika and their friends managed to get huge money & jwellery from a lady’s house who is multimillionaire with the help of a chemical. A chemical when it is sprayed on anything or anyone the object or the person becomes invisible. However they are forced to be on the run after being chased by the cops. Now starts the hide & seek drama on the road of 3 groups, buffoonery gangsters, comic cops, bungling CBI officer and the hero and his friends who plays all kinds of pranks. The chase & the laugh riot continues all the way from Pondicherry to Sani Singhnapur crossing 4 state borders with innumerable comic situations.

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