Mere Haule Dost

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Mere Haule Dost

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Cast: Anirudh Loka, Raghuvardhan Garlapati, Aadil Abedi, Rishit Samala, Kiran Gadalay, Preeti Gupta, Catherine Fallows, Zainab Lax, Yantisha Singh, Harika Vedula, Babita Punetha, Natasha Pamnani, Anand Natesh

Director: Nitin Raghunath

Producer/s: Pramida Posanipalli, Rajiv Thakur, Nitin Raghunath

Music Director: Divyang Arora

Plot: Mere Haule Dost is a coming of age movie set against the backdrop of lives of five laid-back friends in the city of Hyderabad. It’s an exhilarating journey of friendship, girls, parties, bikes, madness and their thrill for the Himalayan bike rally. It all starts with the fascination of these eccentric friends with the Himalayan Bike Rally, which they want to participate in. Given their messed-up lives, it doesn’t come easy for these young boys to cough up money for the trip. It is a lighthearted depiction of self discovery, adventure, growing up, friendships and optimism.

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