Kabaad The Coin

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Kabaad The Coin

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Cast: Vivaan Shah, Zoya Afroz, Atul Srivastava, AbhishekBajaj, Imran Hasnee, Bhagwan Tiwari, Shahzad Ahmed

Director: Varadraj Swami

Writer:Shahzad Ahmed, Varadraj Swami

Plot:The story of Kabaad the Coin begins with a boy named Bandhan living in a slum area of Mumbai. One day, working at the junk Bandhan gets five hundred years old Ram Siya precious gold coins from the era of Emperor Akbar. He is filled with self-confidence. Meanwhile, Bandhan falls in love with Roma, a high society girl, and Bandhan expresses his love by giving a gold coin to Roma. Roma realizes that these are the precious gold coins, so on instigating by her boyfriend Sam, she pretends to love him to get coins from the Bandhan. But Roma falls in love with Bandhan. The story of money, love and deception becomes interesting. Does Bandhan fall prey to this deception of Roma? Or Roma changes her plan in the love of Bandhan. What will Sam do, who is using his girlfriend for the greed of money, you will have to watch the movie Kabaad the coin.

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