fuddu Plot

Cast: Shubham (FTI pass out), Swati Kapoor, Pradeep Gupta, Paritosh Sand, Pawan Kumar Sharma

Director: Sunil Subramani

Producer: Pradeep Gupta

Writer: Pawan Kumar Sharma

Plot: FUDDU, is a emotional turmoil face by a boy who has just arrived from Banaras to Mumbai city. He is disturbed to see how so many people live in cramped houses. After his marriage he finds it difficult to accept the reality as to how an entire family shares only one room. His entire world turns upside down when his wife, whom he had loved the most, leaves him for reasons which are untrue. His family too discards him and disrespects him. Will he succeed in getting his love back in his life ? Will he succeed in getting back the respect from his family who had once loved him unconditionally?

To get the answers to these questions watch this emotional film with a pinch of humour… ‘FUDDU’

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