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Release Date:

Cast: Kavin Dave, Sharat Saxena, Sudhir Pandey, Sumit Kaul, Mandy Takhar, Sanjay Mishra

Director: Jadish Rajpurohit

Music Director: Faiz Ur Rehman, Santokh Singh

Release Date: 2012

Plot: Bumboo is not just a film but an experience of a life-time. Based on  the French story L’emmerdeur  by Francis Veber  and adapted to suit Indian sensibilities byJagdish Rajpurohit and Kavin Dave, Bumboo stars Kavin Dave

Sharat Saxena , Sanjay Mishra, Sudhir Pandey, Sumit Kaul and Mandy Takhar.

The first theatrical trailor of this unique film will be unveiled to coincide with the release of Dharma Productions’  Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu on February 10 at a theatre near you. The duration of the trailer is two minutes and 20 seconds and will give a glimpse into the heart of the story that plays around with the premise of a disruptive person suddenly arriving in our life to throw it out of gear, turn it upside-down and topsy-turvy and make a sweet, sour, bitter mess of it.

In the film, you will not meet just one but many such individuals who end up messing knowingly and unknowingly with the happiness of another individual. What emerges from the collective mess is humor and rib-tickling comedy.

The story revolves around a bumbling professional hitman, a stock market scamster, a press photographer, cops, a psychiatrist, a bell boy, an ex-wife, her new boyfriend, a failed suicide attempt and a chain of hilarious events that spiral out-of-control when one mistake leads to another and best laid plans go awry. How the imbroglio is set right in the end is anyone’s guess and what emerges is cheerful acrimony rather than sedate harmony. Yes, this is one film that turns comedy on its head and watches gleefully from a distance. Just as the audience will, once the film releases.

BUMBOO is based on a original story L’Emmerduer written by Francis Veber ( French writer & director who has to his credit, brilliant films like A Dinner Game( which was adapted as Bheja Fry )Valet etc. The film when launched in France created box-office history and is considered a cult comedy even today. Veber is delighted to have his story and film adapted in an Indian context and says, ” I am very proud to see a great country like India being interested in my work and I was amazed by Jagdish Rajpurohit’s remake of L’Emmerdeur. It has all the flavor of “Bollywood” and has succeeded in keeping the spirit of my movie, intact. Congratulations and best luck.”

What is unique about this collaboration is that this is the first “official” Indo-French venture with TF1 International, France acting as an Associate Producer. The film, based on the template of a wholesome, young comedy is also being produced on 35 mm Cinemascope and boasts international  production values.

The music album has three fresh, original songs plus two remixes and music directors  Faiz Ur Rehman (Faizi from Pakistan ) and  Santokh Singh have added zest and a unique flavour to the music.   Sunidhi Chauhan Mika Singh and Javed Ali have lent their voices to the album.

Watch out for Bumboo, a film that will take you on a journey you will never forget, releasing on 30th March 2012.

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