Bloody D

bloody d Plot
Bloody D


Cast: Aslam Khan, Sanaa Dhadli, Roaleey Ryan, Aditya Pancholi, Deep Joshi, Aman Uppal, Danica Moadi, Bindu Chowdhury, Ravi Janghu

Director: Leena Tandon

Producer: Vvicky Goswamy

Release Date: 2012

Plot: Sometimes you have to believe the unbelievable…

Bloody D is a bold cinematic attempt, creating a different dimension to the regular horror and psycho thriller cinema. It is the first gory Indian movie ever attempted, leaving behind the out dated concepts of ghost, black magic and cannibalism…

Bloody D is basically a film where blood is used as the key element to create fear and play games with the minds of our central characters…

The film never fails to shock the viewers and they start believing the unbelievable…

Not disclosing anything about the story or our central characters. Bloody D is a treat for cinema goers with an appetite for real bloody cinema.

‘If death was the only question, then escaping the question was the only answer’.

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