Ae Kaash Ke Hum

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Cast: Vivan Shah, Priya Singh, Sophiya Singh

Director: Vishal Mishra

Producer: Kiran K Talasila

Plot:Love is the most pious feeling in the world. But what if love happens and you come to know only after love is no more around you.

This is the story of love, friendship and fate. How fate controls your life and love in today’s fast paced world. Love blossoms in childhood but takes shape in teenage. Pari is a girl who is in love with her classmate but by the time she expresses her love, she finds out it’s too late. Fate takes her love away and when he comes back life has already taken a turn for the worst.

This journey brings you the question – love is what remains with in you even after the person is not with you anymore. A light hearted realistic tear jerker musical, story of every heartbeat!

Ishq beasar ho to jhootha
Ishq behad ho to zindagi
Ishq ektarafa ho to gehra
Ishq humumar ho to khoob
Ishq beparwaah ho to laazmi
Bas ishq bekhabar nahin hona chahiye

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