A Melody In The Haunted

a melody in the haunted Plot
A Melody In The Haunted

Cast:  Rajiv Kanakala,Master Vijay,Priya Naidu,Aadvik

Director:Viswa C

Producer: Sree Laxmi Reddy

Release Date : 2012

Polt :In the year 2002 – Rajiv Kanakala ( aged 40 ) found some handy cam tapes shot by his childhood friend Ashok Verma & his family – before they died in a house – which is haunted ( at least that’s what neighbors believe )

Those tapes revealed some supernatural occurrences and are beyond human reasoning. Police could not explain them but closed the case – citing reason as, parents (i.e. Ashok & Aarthi ) committing suicide and killing their kid (Sonu ) due to psychological problems.

But Rajiv is not convinced, still deeply disturbed at what he saw, he wanted to show to the world the TRUTH ( the TRUTH as believed by Rajiv & confirmed by Professor Shivanathan, a veteran on spiritual matters – the TRUTH being discarded by law enforcement and non-believers).

How Rajiv wanted to show the truth was by making a movie based on the real scenes in the tapes. Real footage comes in the middle as per the story flow and the scenes/shots before & after them are enacted by actors to make the story flow in logical direction.

With this prologue/introduction of around 15 minutes in documentary format the STORY BEGINS to show what happened in that one day and one fateful night. And ENDS with resolving all the real footage tape scenes earlier shown (as part of the prologue/introduction).

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