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  1. I wish in acting on bollywood movies

  2. I want to give an idea on koimoi power index.If possible then please add 50 and 75 points for the 50 and 75 crore earning films.It will be very interesting.

  3. I recently download the Mobile App and some how pictures are not formatted for Mobile device view ?

    Most of them are showing half picture and other get moved on right hand side?

    Can you fix this issue?

    • Hi,

      We are aware of the issue and the team is fixing some bugs in the App. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. The previous site was so much better than this one because videos were separated and also all the news were shown on the front page by the side arrow, now all the news are not visible and we have to go inside to search. Please look into it

  5. Previous site version was so much better than this one as we can see all news on the front page by using side arrow and also videos section was separated so easy to see all the new videos. Now we have to go inside to see, and in that way miss many news. Please work on it

  6. How does one rely on your box office figures when you are still showing Ghayal once again as 34 crores whereas all other sites are showing the 15 day collection upto friday the 19th of Feb as 47 .25 crores for domestic and 8 crores as overseas . Why have you stopped updating after first week collections which were 34 crores ???????

  7. ghayal once again ………..your number stillshows box office as 34 crores .all other sites show 15 day collection as 47.25 crores for domestic net and 8 crores as overseas …….why have you stopped updating after first week collection of 34 crores ???

  8. Sunny Deol to play villain in awara paagal deewana sequence ?

  9. Ghayal once again is semi hit as per most of the websites,it has recovered it’s investment and made little bit profit..also

    Definitely under rated movie..

  10. i m a common man in delhi having an idea.
    2.i m not producer/director/writer/financier
    3. i hv only idea for making film in animation
    wch is 1st in world n thru wch any one who wl make this film, can earn maximum whatever he want as all wl see that film under age-group of 2 to 100 years n above
    this film is of new idea with adventure/entertainment/knowledge/education
    n is highly profitable.
    i m searching only who is interested in this proposal n want to
    make this film on my idea
    nothing else
    so that i can implement my idea to give knowledge that there is
    3rd world at our earth by adventure/entertainment/knowledge/education
    n highly profit for producer/director wch he hv not think in his life.
    not in thousands profit shud be in millions/billions


    a) 200 crores people in asia n hope evryone to see ( hope 90% )
    n other countries

    b) everyone wants new adventure/entertainment/knowledge/education/new type of romance/action etc. thru films

    c) govt.wl gv cert. tax free from day one

    d) govt. shud gv necessary for every child/teacher/gaurdians etc.

    hope for the best.

  11. dear sir

    this site menu not be good

    old site menu is very good

    so pls old site menu updated pls

  12. Why dont you declared ernings of marathi films.
    Films like sairat are making more money than many hindi films.
    Hindi film industry is not only one industry in India.

  13. Dear Web Site Editor. Seems there is a small issue with contents. While scrolling down, the news get duplicated till the end and there is a link saying “Load more” and this goes infinitely loading the same upper news. Kindly look into this bug please. Thanks for the nice website though.

  14. Your review page is having bug. even if users clicks on Page No 2, 3 and so on…for reviews….same movie review coming up which are on 1.

    This is really strange that such a big website was having very less testing.

  15. am an African I wish to be part of Bollywood movies

  16. i have news about celeb

    • I want to work you

  17. I love may Bollywood

  18. Where is the right box office collection, your web site show Happy New Year & Prem Ratna Dhan Payo cross 200, but box office india show HNY-178 & PRDP-194………… whose figure is right…..

  19. In 100 cr club where hrithik roshan krish 3 movie name,… Clear it as soon as possible

  20. Your writers should not be biased…. whoever is your writer is a huge fan of salman and that makes your website irritating because most of the post are related to him only .Please look into it

  21. it is ridiculous that u didn’t even came up with MSD trailer….. r u all doing service for some bigger star and seems like u will keep on doing that….


  23. Hi I have interested story any one can contacts 9780696881

  24. film me good story hogi tab na resuly milega

  25. film ke liye storty sahi honi chahiye

  26. we have a bungalow in mudh island which we provide on ren for shootings and family functions since 2002.If interested kindly contact us on the details mentioned below

    shubham villa
    pramod tulsyan

  27. Dear Admin,
    I am also a reviewer for movies. My humble opinion is to get involve this profit ratios into start ranking.
    I deeply appreciate your effort on Start Ranking by getting boxoffice figures those who reached 100-200-300 crores clubs. From this star ranking would raise only commercial movies which has biggest budget.
    for an example Aashique -2 made up to 672% profit more than six times, but this movie hasn’t reach even 100 crore club, therefore the lowest budget best movies are avoided in the star Ranking.
    My opinion is to add also the PROFIT RATIO (TIMES) as also a criteria to add points for Star Ranking.
    At least starting from 50 Points for each times of profit it earned.
    1-2 times 50 Points
    2-3 times 100 Points
    3-4 times (only few ovies) 150 Points
    4-5 times (Only one movie) 200 Points
    5-6 times (No movies) 250 Points
    6-7 Times (Only a movie) 300 Points

    I think you will take into your consideration in order to give recognition to all normal hero’s who worked hard and multiplied the earnings which would make more effective rating as i guess.
    Thank you