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Will Sooryavanshi Help Akshay Kumar To Touch 2000 Points In Star Ranking & Join Salman Khan’s League?

By Shalmesh More April 18, 2021

With all the hype around, Sooryavanshi is soon-to-be the highest grosser for Akshay Kumar.

Not just another 200 crore, but Sooryavanshi has a high possibility to enter 300 crore club.

Sooryavanshi is expected to be Akshay Kumar's first 300 crore grosser, and it happens, Akki to join Salman Khan in a league of 2000 points.

Salman Khan is the only one to have 2000+ points in Koimoi Star Ranking

Akshay Kumar is lagging behind by a margin of 300 points which is expected to be covered by Sooryavanshi.

So, expect Sooryavanshi to work wonders for Akshay in Star Ranking!

As of now, Akshay Kumar holds 2nd position in Star Ranking with 1700 points. It includes- 11 movies in 100 crore club (100 points) and 3 movies in 200 crore club (600 points).

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