July 05, 2021

The Family Man Season 2: JK, Chellam To Atharva – Who Is Your Favourite ‘Other Man’ Of The Show? Vote Now!

Sharib Hashmi As JK

Those who have seen this web show will agree that JK’s character is not really a sidekick but has been treated as an important character.

Recently Sharib himself talked about how the show won’t end anytime soon for his character.

Fun fact, Shahab Ali’s character Sajid connects on an emotional level with Samantha Akkineni’s Raji in season 2.

Shahab Ali As Sajid Ghani

As compared to season 1, his character got a lot more exposure, and Shahab made sure to live the role with utmost honesty.

Out of all the bad-ass men doing the mission, getting all the meat to shine on the screen, there’s one actor who did all this without being part of any mission.

Vedant Sinha As Atharv Tiwari

This time around, even his character got great footage following the popularity Vedant got in the show’s previous season.

Though he doesn’t have many contributions to the overall narration of the show, Muthu brings in the required comic relief amid all the chaos.

Ravindra Vijay As Muthu Pandian

Well, despite his restricted screen presence, he made an impact like many important characters in The Family Man Season 2.

Uday Mahesh As Chellam Sir

Because of a smart character-sketch, Chellam turned out to be an extremely intriguing character and was ‘Mr Google’ as social media users are tagging him.