July 21, 2021

When Katrina Kaif Lashed Out An Airhostess For Waking Her Up In A Flight: “How Dare You Touch Me?”

We often wonder how our favourite Bollywood celebrities behave in real life. It was 2012 when Katrina Kaif was at the peak of her career and was giving back to back hits.

An incident took place for which Kaif was grabbing headlines where the Namastey London actress misbehaved with an air hostess. Scroll down to read the scoop below.

The stewardess tried to wake Katrina to fasten her seatbelt and this clearly didn’t go well with the actress.

Namastey London actress lost her cool after the air hostess touched her to wake her up in order to fasten her seatbelt.

An anonymous source revealed, “Once my roomie told me about her flight experience with Katrina Kaif, and it’s really not good.

She is not so friendly. My roomie is an air hostess with Jet Airways. She said whenever Katrina boards a flight, she sits with her manager, and she doesn’t talk to anyone, and that her manager speaks in her behalf.

If air hostess come to greet her, or ask her about her food preference, she simply turns to her manager instead of talking to the flight attendant directly.

She tells her food preference to her manager, who would then convey it to the air hostess even. She does that, even if she just wants water. This is really so rude.

What are your thoughts on Katrina Kaif lashing out at an air hostess?