Vicky Kaushal, The Next Door Boy Whose Range Makes Him A Star: Deepak From Masaan To Kamli From Sanju – Birthday Special!

By Shubham Kulkarni May 16, 2021

It may have taken Vicky a bit longer time to penetrate the scene, but it all seems worth the while with what the actor has brought to the table over years.

The actor, has managed to make himself notice and made sure you don’t just pass him as just another actor.

In a career still in its sophomore stage, the actor has already claimed that he is here to stay.

Today as he celebrates his birthday, let’s take a look back and appreciate some of his best work.


It takes a unique talent to be subtle, and only channel emotions as much that they hit at the right time in a debut film.


Vicky Kaushal proved one does not only has to be the hero to make people fall in love with them.


Vicky Kaushal as Vicky was a hopeless lover, with no goal in life. Vicky let his eyes do the talking here and was unbelievable.


His role in Raazi would have been smaller compared to rest all, but he broke one of the biggest stereotypes that Bollywood had set over years.


Isn’t it a task to shine in a frame that already has Nawazuddin Siddiqui at an initial stage in your career?

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