Varisu Movie Review

The Problem Isn’t Vijay Being The Best Thing About This Film, Problem Is He’s The Only Good Thing!

Vijay being Vijay!

What's Good?

If you remove Vijay from Varisu, you’ll be left with nothing but an over-the-top family drama stuck in the 90s

What's Bad?

Whenever there comes a scene without Vijay

Loo Break:

Only if you’re a Vijay fan, that too, whenever it releases digitally

Watch or Not?

Vijay does what he does best but yet again in a film whose story isn’t qualified enough to handle his ‘mass’

Rashmika Mandanna continues to sign the flower pot actress roles & this ain’t much different

Prakash Raj as a villain is of no use, not a single scene of him will make you feel terrified for Vijay

All said and done, the major issue about Vijay’s family drama is it misses two important things: interesting family and impactful drama.

Last words:

Varisu review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Umesh PunwaniR