5 Reasons Why You Should Pause Everything & Watch 'Unpaused' On Amazon Prime

Different Different But Same!

Every story complements other, and the way they've been placed is ingenious.

Coronavirus Unites Us All!

From an optimum usage of the backdrop of coronavirus in every story to building every character within a limited scope of time, this is a team effort.

High, Higher!

The film starts at a high point with 'Glitch' and ends at a higher point with 'Chand Mubarak'.

Star Khila Hai Gulshan Gulshan!

It's getting routine for Gulshan Devaiah as he comes in a film, chooses yet another character and plays it so well we can't even imagine anyone else touching that.

Yahi Baatein Toh Baad Mein Yaad Aayengi!

Take out a couple of hours to take a look back at what all we've been through since the entry of the virus.