By Umesh Punwani June 19, 2021

We Watched Vidya Balan's Sherni, So You Shouldn't!

The Hollow Roar Of Sherni

You're welcomed by a tigress which isn't at all used for the jumpscares but a whole lot of monotony

The 'Act 2' blunder

Aastha Tiku's story dips in act 2, where Newton stood tall. She masterfully builds up the intrigue but fails to hold attention going ahead in the story.

Jungle, Jungle & Just Jungle!

Dipika Kalra's strained editing steals away the crisp & crunchy element. The 130-minute duration starts bothering you sooner than you might've hoped.

Nowhere Near The 'Best Of Balan'

That's a bittersweet thing about being a great actor, your average performances sharply pop up, becoming vividly evident after delivering groundbreaking roles.

There Can't Be No Another Newton

Director Amit Masurkar, in the hope of recreating the magic of Newton, takes multiple wrong turns in the jungle. Umesh • 2:13 PM