Shaitaan Movie Review

Ajay Devgn & R Madhavan Starrer Starts Off On A Promising Note & Turns Into An Unpleasant Mess!

The first half

What's Good?

The ridiculous climax

What's Bad?

You can take in the second half, as it rarely conveys anything meaningful

Loo Break:

If you love R Madhavan (keep your expectations low)

Watch or Not?

Ajay Devgn’s Shaitaan is a remake of the Gujarati movie Vash (2023). The first half is decent if one ignores the first 20 minutes spent too much on the family drama.

Unfortunately, the screenplay crumbles poorly in the second half and worsens towards the climax.

R Madhavan creeps you out several times as Vanraj as he brings mystery, spookiness to his character and an unsettling feeling to the story. Sometimes, the actor hams.

Ajay plays his part well, but the story doesn’t give him any moment to shine.

Janki Bodiwala, as Janvi, is another stand-out performer; she balances the act of being possessed and terrified quite well.

Jyotika also does a decent job but lacks depth, like Ajay’s character.

Overall, Shaitaan had all the potential of being an excellent supernatural thriller. The first half is so-so, but it’s the second half where the story becomes shoddy and a confusing mess.

Last words:

Shaitaan Review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Pooja Darade R