Shah Rukh Khan, With Pathaan’s Box Office, Proved Why Bollywood Needs SRK More Than SRK Needs Bollywood!

Cut to 3rd March 2023, his comeback film Pathaan roared, breaking every possible record by being the highest-grossing Hindi film in history by surpassing Baahubali 2’s Hindi version.

It not only entered the ‘crores clubs’ at the box office but also inaugurated the 500 crore club for Bollywood.

Well, well, well, how the turntables… because in the era of Bollywood giving back-to-back box office duds, Shah Rukh Khan is creating history, breaking all the records.

Jawan will surely set the base for Shah Rukh Khan, but that would essentially help catapult Dunki.

A Director like Rajkumar Hirani doesn’t really need any push, but Jawan will walk so Dunki can run.

Even at its worst, the 300 crore club is the lowest hanging fruit for Jawan, followed by a convenient another 500 crore entrant with Dunki, which is a significant contender in challenging Pathaan’s historic box office collections.

So, troll army & boycott gang; it’s time we let Shah Rukh Khan do his magic because that’s also, in a way contributing towards the country’s economy.

So, let’s stop trolling cinema or asking others to boycott anything just because you have the keyboard to type.