SatyaPrem Ki Katha Review

Yes, Kartik Aaryan Startles But It’s A Kiara Advani Film All The Way!

It says something extremely preachy without being a hell lot of preachy & an exhilarating Kiara Advani

What's Good?

It takes a lot of time to say a lot of things, some click and some don’t

What's Bad?

The moment you see Kartik moving his legs for a dance track, move your legs and take a break

Loo Break:

If an emotional drama layered with a social message is your cup of coffee, have this one too!

Watch or Not?

Kartik Aaryan delivers an earnest performance as the dim-witted golden-hearted Sattu

Kiara Advani is the winner! Despite all the flaws in the script, she just grabs the opportunity to make it the best use for her.

All said and done, this is not your routine rom-com-drama, it has to say something apart from how madly the guy and girl are in love with each other. Though it overstayed its welcome, I’m glad it was at least here.

Last words:

Satyaprem Ki Katha review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Umesh PunwaniR