Sarfira Movie Review

Akshay Kumar Presents A Riveting Tale Of Enterprise And Grit

Every element of a mainstream movie is incorporated here without diverting from its core storyline.

What's Good?

The length could have been curtailed—a bit!

What's Bad?

Not during this flight!

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Watch or Not?

“Ideas don’t make films. Scripts do!” said peak-time Subhash Ghai once. And this film is perhaps the best recent example of this truism.

Yes, the title (though apt for the main character) could have been much more interesting, but the script (Sudha Kongara and Shalini Ushadevi with dialogues by Pooja Tolani) more than makes up for this.

To say that Akshay Kumar is the life and soul of this film may sound like a much-repeated cliché, but it remains a fact.

Radhikka Madan is impeccable as the strong woman of substance who is often the despair of her parents but is morally supported by her maternal uncle.

Paresh Rawal, returning to negative roles, is superb as Paresh Goswami, his character modeled on a real-life magnate.

After a long time, we have a biopic that is full of entertaining sequences and not just seriousness. Akshay Kumar has been having a bad patch since 2021’s Sooryavanshi (but for his cameo in OMG 2) and this one deserves to end the dull phase. 4 stars!

Last words:

Sarfira Movie Review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Rajiv Vijayakar R